Elmhurst Elementary gets ReLeaf

It took a group effort to plant the trees at Elmhurst Elementary School. Photos by Audrey Bancroft

by Shirley Lorraine

A gathering of local dignitaries, school personnel and others took place on March 28 at Elmhurst Elementary School. They were there to celebrate, with the students, the planting of 15 trees in the school yard. Grants from several sources such as CalFire, the Coalition for Clean Air, Southern California Edison and ReLeaf have made this possible.

The Ventura Tree Alliance has been busy advocating for the reforestation of Ventura’s tree canopy only since 2021. Already they have been proven to effect great change in the community. Their goal statement reads “The Ventura Tree Alliance works to enhance Ventura’s urban canopy, to beautify Ventura and contribute to counteracting climate change. Our goals are to inspire, engage and support Venturans in planting and caring for trees through education, advocacy, volunteerism and fundraising.”

Elmhurst Elementary has quite a large uncovered grassy area. By planting trees at strategic spots around the grounds, as they grow, the trees will supply much needed shade and a healthier environment for the students.

At this celebration, 15 trees were planted. Individual classes adopted trees, named them and helped plant them. Many classes painted rocks for placement around the base of the trees. The students were excited to get their hands in the dirt, artfully place their rocks and proudly display signs sporting the names chosen for their trees.

One tree in particular, a stately magnolia, was named Zephyr- in honor of a student who passed away recently.

Former Mayor and Alliance co-founder Christy Weir, along with co-founder Barbara Brown, Ventura County Board of Supervisors Matt Lavere, school board member Sabrena Rodriguez, and volunteers from the Tree Alliance lifted their shovels for the cause.

159 Trees have already been planted in Ventura because of the Alliance’s efforts, with many more planned. Bike trails, city parks and schools have and will receive new plantings to maintain the landscape we enjoy. To learn more, volunteer or support the Alliance, visit their website at www.VenturaTreeAlliance.com. They would love to have you take part.

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