CAPS premieres ReCaps – a special series of Ventura storytelling

On Monday, April 1 CAPS is launching ReCAPS

On Monday, April 1 CAPS is launching ReCAPS, a very special weekly series of original programs featuring storytellers throughout Ventura County. Every Monday night at 7pm a new edition of ReCAPS will premiere on CAPS Channel 6 and stream online, with stories and histories by a variety of local storytellers sharing their personal journeys.

CAPS crews have recorded hundreds of interviews with fascinating people on a wide range of productions including Ventura County’s 150th Celebration, The Thomas Fire, Ventura City’s 150th Celebration, Ventura Legacies and many more. CAPS has also recorded personal histories for special presentations for the Museum of Ventura County, the Ventura College Foundation, and many other organizations. Brief segments from all the interviews were included in CAPS programs and presentations, but that leaves a lot of wonderful history and storytelling to be shared. ReCAPS is the place where all the complete interviews can be found.

The initial set of ReCAPS features numerous storytellers included in the Museum of Ventura County’s landmark exhibit “Ventura County: The Place We Call Home”, created for the county’s 150th Celebration, personal interviews recorded for “The Perfect Firestorm,” CAPS Media’s documentary on the Thomas fire, and for CAPS’ storytelling series, “Ventura Legacies.” A complete list of ReCAPS programs and schedule are on the CAPS website at

Starting on Monday, April 1, ReCAPS storytellers include Carlos Ortega, chief curator of the Museum of Ventura County, Moses Mora, longtime resident of Ventura’s westside community and Tortilla Flats historian, and Jake and Jennie Dilbeck, firefighter, and survivor of the Thomas Fire.

In coming weeks ReCAPS programs will feature “Home” stories and memories from Jim and John Proctor, Barbara Macri-Ortiz, Pedro Chavez, Julie Tumamait-Stenslie, and others, plus complete heart-wrenching, first-person stories from Thomas Fire survivors and fire fighters Kat Merrick, Clark Tulberg, Trevor Quirk, Chad Cook, David Endaya, and others. The series will include “Ventura Legacies,” personal histories by Ventura County’s most influential families including the Fosters, Harrisons, Smith, Hobson, and Petit families, plus county histories of tortilla flats, surfing, and oil exploration.

The ReCAPS includes engaging interviews by museum director Elena Brokaw with innovators from a wide range or organizations throughout the county, plus tasty and entertaining “Feast or Flop” food programs that recreate Ventura County historic recipes, flavored with county origin stories hosted by Renee Tallent, collections manager at the Museum of Ventura County and recreated by local chefs.

Every Monday night at 7pm ReCAPS features a new storyteller that has a special and personal story to share. The programs will repeat throughout the week on Channel 6 and streaming online. The schedule is posted on the CAPS Media website.

You may think you’ve heard all the great Ventura County stories, but the ReCAPS storytellers are certain to entertain and surprise you.

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