Vol. 17, No. 12 – Mar 6 – Mar 19, 2024 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Wednes 2/14

9:40am, received a report of a bird trapped in a business in the village. Officers responded and the bird was able to free itself from the business without incident.

11:41am, dispatched to a traffic accident on Spinnaker Drive involving two motorcycles. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with two patients who sustained severe injuries, they were treated, then transported to the hospital.

Thursday 2/15

11:10am, received report of a Hazard to Navigation in the middle finger of the keys. Officers responded in the Fireboat, removed a 4x8ft piece of plywood.

Friday 2/16

5:05pm, received report of a hit-n-run involving a boat trailer at the launch ramp. Officers assisted with towing an elite ocean rowing boat to patrol dock for storage because the trailers’ roller was destroyed, they were unable to retrieve it.

Saturday 2/17

7:55am, received report of dry storage entry gate malfunctioning. Officers responded and attempted to trouble-shoot. opening unit sustained major damage, likely from a boat trailer. Gate secured after attempts to repair unsuccessful.
Sunday 2/18 8:30am, officers patrolling the Ventura Point on Rescue Watercraft to assist and/or conduct water rescues of distressed surfers along with State Parks. Several ocean rescues and safety contacts were executed of surfers in distress.

9:45am, received report of transients trespassing at VWM restrooms. Officers responded and contacted a couple attempting to use the private restrooms.

Monday 2/19

7:00am, officers used delineators/caution tape to close Navigator Dr for flooding

5:10pm, responded to a small vessel with 2 POB’s hoop netting in the sandtrap. Observed the vessel nearly swamped by a huge wave/whitewater blast over the breakwall. Terminated the skipper’s voyage, escorted to the longdock for safety inspection.

Tuesday 2/20

6:27am, dispatched to fall patient in Ventura Marina Community. Lifted patient.

11:45am, dispatched to a Boat Fire in VWM A-dock. Officers responded in Fireboat and in HP vehicle to a 60ft powerboat fully involved. With help from tenants using dock fire hose and VFD, the fire was knocked down before it could spread to other vessels nearby. Officers moved “exposed” vessels away until the fire was extinguished. The incident is under investigation; vessel is a total loss.

Wednes 2/21

8:15pm, received a call for assistance from a 4-person rowboat off Santa Clara River mouth, en route to Manhattan Beach on a training voyage. One of the rowers is seasick. The crew was taken aboard the Fireboat, TowBoat US towed the rowing vessel back to Harbor. The crew is training to row to Hawaii in June.

Saturday 2/24

6:50am, while on patrol in the vehicle, officers observed a large pile of trash near Harbor Cove. Cleaned up the considerable mess of various large items taken from a dumpster officers deposited yesterday. Apparently upset transients.

1:40pm, received report of a lost person in the village. After gathering information including description of person, reporting party found the individual

9:15pm, received report of two large bon fires south of Surfers Knoll while conducting lockups. Officers responded with Ventura PD and assisted with breaking up the large parties and extinguishing the fires.

Sunday 2/25

12:45pm, dispatched to a vehicle and trailer in the water at the launch ramp. Officers responded by land and sea, found the vehicle submerged and still connected to the boat/trailer. After hours of debate, the owner finally relented and took responsibility for the accident. TowBoat US assisted with towing the vehicle out of the water. Unfortunately, the vehicle is a total loss.


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