The Red Box on Anchors Way

No, it’s not for old DVD’s or CD’s.

by Patricia Schallert

If you drive, walk or bike down Anchors Way, you might happen to see a big red box and no, it’s not for old DVD’s or CD’s. It’s called a Baker tank and it is commonly used in construction  for the purpose of holding groundwater. It is large and durable red container designed to store water at construction sites or other areas where water supply is needed.

The Ventura Water Pure project is using baker tanks so that they can treat the water and test it to make sure that it is clean before  the water is released into the ocean.  They have a permit with the State of California that allows the  Project  to discharge clean groundwater Into the harbor through storm drains

Baker Tanks  are typically made from heavy-duty materials to withstand harsh conditions and have a high capacity for holding significant volumes of water. The Baker tank makes it a convenient and efficient solution for construction projects, as it provides a readily available water source.  Moreover, it aids in controlling groundwater levels, preventing excess water accumulation and potential flooding.

The Baker Tank on Anchors Way is being  utilized to treat and test water before it is discharged into the ocean by providing a controlled environment for various water treatment processes. The tank allows for the addition of treatment chemicals and allows any necessary reactions to occur. Furthermore, it enables the monitoring and testing of water quality parameters such as pH levels, turbidity, and contaminants. By using a Baker tank, water can be effectively treated and tested, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations before it is safely discharged back into the environment.

Overall, Baker tanks play a pivotal role in construction and groundwater management, facilitating smoother operations and healthier environments.

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