“The British are coming! The British are coming!”

On March 23, at 1pm, Ventura “historian” and author Ivor Davis will introduce his new 60th anniversary “Beatles and Me On Tour” book—and promises to reveal all– despite the consequences. The true story behind the story. The presentation will be at the Portside Ventura Harbor located at 1196 Portside and Schooner Dr. His presentation is free (when presented at the museum it cost $20.00).

Sixty years ago an unlikely quartet from England—Liverpool to be precise—invaded America—and conquered the nation in what turned out to be a bloodless revolution.

We are talking, of course, about 1964, the historic year that John Paul George and Ringo showed up in America—and without spilling a drop of blood were triumphant as they re-wrote rock and roll history. And in doing so, thousands of young women—from sea to shining sea– fell at their feet as the Beatles offered to hold their hand!

Ivor Davis had an exclusive front row seat as this invasion exploded. Embedded with the raiders, he will reveal behind the scenes details of this astonishing coup.

How the USA surrendered to these four lads from Britain, without a single shot being fired!

Breeze publisher Sheldon Brown will be the moderator for the presentation and would love to have you attend. There will be a Q&A after. And wine and snacks will be served.

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