Vol. 17, No. 11 – Feb 21 – Mar 5, 2024 – As I See It

Buenaventura Golf Course future remains questionable for an opening date. City officials said parts of the course could possibly reopen to regain some of the revenue lost during the closure. It’s not exactly clear when such a reopening could come.

In January 2023, the huge rainfall turned the course into a giant lake, while also flooding the pro shop and snack bar. Most of the sand traps, and several greens were destroyed in the flood as well.

The course is in a flood plain, so future flooding and how to correct it must be planned to prevent recurring damage every year.

The city gained approval for funding from FEMA but the exact amount remains unknown. The city’s insurance carrier also needs to validate the funding claim.

Mayor Schroeder said he has been told FEMA will cover 75% of the costs and 15% or more will be covered by other sources, leaving the balance for the city to pay.

The opening could come in stages, from 9 holes to 12 holes to the full 18. Golfers still have 1 ½ other courses on which to play.

Police said at least one person was killed and over 20 people were wounded in a shooting in Kansas City, Missouri shortly after a Super Bowl victory parade for the Chiefs. Guns, guns, guns.

Florida veterinarian Shawna Green lost more than $14,000 to a scammer who called from what appeared to be a legitimate Chase Bank customer service number. They told her that her debit card number had been stolen and tricked her into providing her PIN. Dr. Green was informed by Chase that a new card was in the mail, but the company sent it to the thieves, who used it to buy alcohol and withdraw extra cash with each purchase.

In a claim that is central to the Republican impeachment inquiry in Congress, an FBI informant has been charged with fabricating a multimillion-dollar bribery scheme involving President Joe Biden, his son Hunter and a Ukrainian energy company.

Alexander Smirnov falsely reported to the FBI in June 2020 that executives associated with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma paid Hunter and Joe Biden $5 million each in 2015 or 2016, prosecutors said in an indictment. Smirnov told his handler that an executive claimed to have hired Hunter Biden to “protect us, through his dad, from all kinds of problems,” according to court documents.

Prosecutors say Smirnov in fact had only routine business dealings with the company in 2017 and made the bribery allegations after he “expressed bias” against Joe Biden while he was a presidential candidate.

Perhaps impeachment shouldn’t be based on the words of one individual.

Recently U.S. stocks set another record. The S&P 500 rose 29.11 points, or 0.6%, to 5,029.73 and squeaked by its prior all-time high set several weeks ago.

I watched the NFL championship football game, and even though the finish was exciting I refuse to call it super. It was a terrible game in my opinion. The main interest for me was seeing what Taylor Swift looked like – they showed her every 5-minutes.

What? Yes, I’ve never heard her sing or watched her perform. Just not my genre of music.

What is beyond my comprehension is that according to a recent poll, nearly one in five Americans believe a false conspiracy theory that Taylor Swift is part of a plot to boost President Joe Biden as he seeks another term in office. So goes Taylor goes the country.

Are voters in this country so stupid they would let an entertainer decide who they should vote for? Maybe they are. Donald Trump used a rally in South Carolina to attack rival Nikki Haley in her home state and to mock the absence of her husband, who is deployed overseas in the military.

“Where’s her husband? Oh, he’s away. … What happened to her husband? Where is he? He’s gone.”

Michael Haley is deployed in Africa with the South Carolina Army National Guard in support of the United States Africa Command, his second active-duty deployment overseas.

Nikki Haley fired back at Trump’s comments later Saturday, saying, “If you mock the service of a combat veteran, you don’t deserve a driver’s license, let alone being president of the United States.”

Too bad Trump isn’t married so we can ask why his wife isn’t at any of his speeches or supporting him at his court appearances. Oh, he is married!

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.
~ Fredrick Douglass

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