Bill Kelley, a retired senior is nine years post cancer

Bill “warming up” with Beth Baumer owner of Neuroboxing.

by Patricia Schallert

Bill is a retired 67-year-old gentleman, originally from the San Fernando Valley. He used to vacation in Ventura with his sons and fell in love with Ventura and the cool weather. While living in Northridge, he operated a successful food truck called Smokin’ Willies BBQ. He also worked for Warner Bros. for 26 years, real estate for 6 years and Smokin’ Willies BBQ for 6 years. Upon moving to Ventura, Bill worked for the Parks and Recreation program and in a school cafeteria until the Pandemic in 2020.

Bill was diagnosed with cancer after going to the ER for not feeling “right”. He thought he was having a stroke but was diagnosed instead, with cancer and the doctors discovered a lymphoma tumor. Bill had thoracic surgery and the tumor was removed  but left him with 13 screws, 2 rods and 73 staples in his back. He continued to receive treatment for his leukemia by having two bone marrow  transplants. Currently he is nine years post cancer. When he was released from treatments in 2021, he and his wife of 41 years vacationed in Italy.

Being retired and knowing he will have cancer treatments for the rest of his life, Bill says, retirement means that “Every day is Saturday and it feels like freedom”

Regarding attending Neuroboxing I asked Bill “How long have you been involved with Neuroboxing? “About one-year” he answered.

What do you enjoy most about it? “The good friendships among the members of the group.”

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