Join the Creative Team at CAPS

Happy New Year from CAPS. We are looking forward to another entertaining, educational, and productive year serving the Ventura community. We encourage everyone in Ventura to join us and take advantage of the limitless creative opportunities and resources available at the CAPS Media Center.

To see and experience what CAPS has to offer we invite Venturans to drop by the CAPS Media Center for member orientation and demonstration sessions during the first week of every month. All of the meetings are held at 6pm at the CAPS Media Center at 65 Day Road.

General Orientation sessions on the first Monday of the month and directed by Donald McConnell, operations manager, Studio/Soundstage Tours are on the first Tuesday directed by Phil Taggart, producer/trainer, Editing and Videography Orientations are on the first Wednesday, directed by Gary Roll or Alex Uvari, and CAPS Radio Orientations are on the second Thursday directed by Elizabeth Rodeno, Radio/Program director.

The informative sessions give guests the opportunity to meet the knowledgeable CAPS staff members, learn what CAPS has to offer and understand the requirements and resources of a CAPS membership. Following orientation sessions individuals are invited to become CAPS Members.

Anyone who lives, works, or attends school within the City of Ventura is invited to become CAPS Members. Nonprofit organizations located in Ventura County are also eligible to be members. Annual membership fees are $40 per year for individuals and $100 per year for nonprofit organizations and may designate up to four persons to be active members at CAPS.

CAPS Members receive free training in all aspects of media production including camera and video production, studio and radio production, postproduction editing, story development, scripting, and storytelling. All CAPS programming, including Member Productions, must be commercial free.

CAPS Radio Members are distinct from CAPS Media memberships. Radio membership requires a separate membership fee of $50 per year. Radio Members receive training to produce programming in multiple formats including music, talk, reviews, event coverage and more. CAPS Radio broadcasts in Ventura on 104.1fm, online at and on myTunerRadio.

CAPS Members are encouraged to schedule one-on-one training sessions with skilled CAPS staff members in all aspects of media production. The timing of the training is set up directly by the Member with the CAPS Staff trainer.

CAPS, Community Access Partners of San Buenaventura, is an independent non-profit organization, not a division of the City of Ventura. The CAPS Mission is to create an engaged and informed community through participation in electronic media.

The CAPS staff manages the CAPS Media Center and programs cable television channels 6 (Public) and 15 (Education and Government), and CAPS Radio KPPQ. CAPS is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of community members and representatives from the City, County, VUSD and Ventura College.

The CAPS Media Center is Open Tuesday – Thursday, 12p– 8pm. CAPS encourages everyone to drop by and check us out or join one of the orientation sessions during the first week of each month.

The CAPS Media Center and staff provide unlimited resources and expertise for everyone in Ventura. Drop by, see what CAPS has to offer you, and consider joining the CAPS Creative Community.

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