Community shows strong support for 8th Annual Women’s Rally & March

The public is encouraged to be a part of the solution.

by Tracy Marcynzsyn

Braving hecklers and stormy weather, hundreds turned out to support women’s rights at the 8th annual Women’s Rally & March on Saturday, January 20th at Plaza Park.

Presented by Justice For All Ventura County and Planned Parenthood Central Coast Action Fund, the event featured speakers and information booths by community organizations aimed to foster social justice.

Rabiah Rahman

“Women’s rights are human rights,” declared speaker Rabiah Rahman “Women’s rights are indistinguishable from environmental justice, from social justice, and racial justice. They can’t silence us, no matter how hard they try! They cannot take away our vote and they cannot take away our right to march.”

A spirited crowd comprising all genders and ages clapped and cheered as they gathered in solidarity to support women’s rights.

“Roe versus Wade and the banning of books” were the main reasons 24-year Ventura resident Kerry O’Connell named for coming to the march. “Some things just really matter,” says O’Connell, who forwent her cribbage tournament in San Diego to attend this year’s march for the 8th year running. “I can’t vote,” says the Australian citizen, “but I can show up in other ways.”

Noting that 2024 is a watershed year for the nation when voters will make decisions on critical issues about leadership, access to health care and social justice, local organizations like the League of Women Voters helmed information booths at the event in an effort to help attendees learn more about how they can participate in ongoing efforts to help the community.

“The state of women’s rights and reproductive rights may seem secure in California, but with national politics and politicians making decisions across the country looming, we can’t be content with the status quo,” says president of Justice for All Ventura County Shane Meserve. “Our progressive beliefs may mean nothing without the right people in office.” JFAVC’s mission is to “motivate, educate, connect and mobilize people to actively engage in their government and future in support of social justice” and the rally and march represents its first large community event of the year.

The public is encouraged to be a part of the solution by attending events, sharing information, donating to offset expenses and volunteering to further the cause. Learn more at


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