Vol. 17, No. 08 – Jan 10 – Jan 23, 2024 – Ojai News & Events

Ojai events

Local Ojai author Joseph M. Puglia will visit the Ojai Library at 2pm on Saturday, January 27, 2 to talk about his books Girl with the Purple Ribbon, Always Return, Redemption, and Campfires with Dr. Joe.

In his novels, Puglia’s characters find the things that matter, hold on to them, fight for them, and refuse to let them go. Writing a novel is a love affair, the process of which can be magical—though frankly, it’s putting one word after the other. The focus of this talk will be the evolution of the novel as it relates to characterization, themes, scenes, and plots. Puglia will reference the classics as his characters attempt to find the answers to the proverbial question: “What makes life significant?”

Joseph Puglia has worked the docks of NYC, counseled street gangs, boxed, hustled beer at Yankee Stadium, been a newspaper columnist, fought a war, fallen in love, taught college, been a dad, failed, been a friend, a sinner, and a senseless romantic, hopped an eastbound freight, and raised some holy hell. He didn’t just fall off the vegetable truck—his undergraduate studies were in classics, his masters in counseling psychology, and his doctorate in sports psychology. However, his most prolific accomplishment is graduating from the University of Hard Knocks. Puglia spent 10 years in the Marines as an officer, taught college, and currently is a starving writer chasing immortality.

This event is free and open to the public. For additional information, contact Ron Solórzano, Regional Librarian, at (805) 218-9146 or [email protected].

The Ojai Library is located at 111 East Ojai Ave. Hours of service are 10am to 8pm Monday through Thursday and 12pm to 5pm Friday through Sunday.

Meteor Shower By Steve Martin
Directed by Brian Robert Harris
Weekends, January 26th – February 18th

Ojai Valley, 1993- Corky and Norm eagerly anticipate hosting Gerald and Laura at their charming home in a serene valley just outside Los Angeles. Their plan? To witness a meteor shower that promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle. However, as the night unfolds beneath the twinkling sky, a starlit dinner party transforms into a whirlwind of flirtation, lunacy, and laughter. With his characteristic absurd humor, Steve Martin skillfully distorts the boundaries of time and reality, weaving together a play that is as surprising as it is hilariously unforgettable.

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