Vol. 17, No. 08 – Jan 10 – Jan 23, 2024 – As I See It

In our last issue, I wrote that Churchill signed a peace treaty with Hitler. I was slightly wrong, but the results were the same. From reader Robert Lombardi, “Happy New Year. I think it was Nevill Chamberlain (Prime Minister) who visited Hitler, and brought message of peace.” Same results of course.

The Ventura Pier has taken another pounding from the latest wave surge and will remain closed for quite a while. The restaurants remain open.

The Ventura City Council meetings are now on Tuesday nights instead of Mondays and meetings will start at 5pm.

The change allows council members the chance to ask questions and get more information on a Monday. The new schedule also gives them an extra day to read agendas and prepare for the meetings. Starting an hour earlier should also give council members more time to discuss lengthy agendas which carry meetings as late as 11pm, and sometimes later.

Now the signs at some city hall spaces that say “Reserved for City Council Members on Monday nights will need to be changed to Tuesdays.

It’s nice that Ventura’s Art City Studios is starting over. Since the early 1980s, the outdoor space has been filled with stone and wood sculptures. It is located at 197 Dubbers St. off of Ventura Ave. It has reopened in a smaller space next door at 175 Dubbers. The new space is about half the size of the previous one. Ventura is a great art city, so this is good news.

Hard to believe we need more laws, but every year California adds hundreds more.

. These are two of my favorites:

We now have an official state bat – the Pallid bat – and an official state mushroom – the Golden Chanterelle. So, reassuring that we have these. Makes me proud to be a Californian.

Your boss can’t ask you whether you’ve used weed. I assume they can ask if you have used heroin.

Kids will have to learn cursive in school. While I understand this is very important, it seems to me that is a decision that should be made by educators not politicians.

I think LeBron James is the GOAT, Greatest of All Tantrums.

Earth has just ended its warmest year since people began keeping records, and scientists say it may have been the warmest in 125,000 years. I won’t call this global warming but climate change to not upset some of our readers.

Is this the beginning of robots taking over the world? Especially if they have AI installed and start thinking on their own and have feelings?

A software engineer reportedly suffered serious injuries when he was attacked by a malfunctioning robot designed to move aluminum car parts at Tesla’s Giga Texas factory in Austin, Texas. The robot reportedly pinned the engineer and inflicted wounds on his back and arm by sinking its claws, leaving a trail of blood on the factory floor. The engineer was programming software for robots tasked with cutting car parts from freshly cast aluminum. Two robots were disabled for maintenance but a third was inadvertently left active, leading to the attack.

In the 1973 film Westworld, there is a futuristic Wild West theme park where paying guests can pretend to be gunslingers in an artificial world populated by androids. When the system goes haywire a guest is killed in a duel with a robotic gunslinger.

What will happen one day when we tell our robot to go get us a beer and it says, “Get it yourself, I’m offline.”

People have one thing in common, they are all different.
~ Robert Zend

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