Our Ventura TV announces 2024 special series on “Optimal Aging”

“It’s paradoxical that the idea of living a long life appeals to everyone, but the idea of getting old doesn’t appeal to anyone.” – Andy Rooney

For 2024, Our Ventura TV will be featuring a special series of interviews highlighting Optimal Aging and exploring the art of overcoming challenges while embracing a vibrant and fulfilling life. Or in simpler terms “living a long life,” as well as “getting old.”

Engaging Interviews

Viewers can expect engaging interviews and informative segments featuring experts, community leaders, local government representatives, non-profit organizations, and individuals with insights about living a long life and aging well. Topics covered will include:

*    Health and wellness
*    Nutrition
*    Lifestyle choices
*    Community engagement
*    Caregiving
*    Financial matters
*    Personal assistance
*    Challenges and stories of resilience and achievement

Dawn Of A New Age

This special series complements the established theme of Our Ventura TV, “People doing good things in Ventura County.” Show Director, Michelle Hoover, emphasizes a goal for this Optimal Aging series: “Celebrating the dawn of a new age for older adults by overcoming challenges and embracing a vibrant life.”

Community Focus

In addition to ongoing interviews about those helping others, Our Ventura TV has produced earlier special series on topics such as homelessness, faith-based organizations, and first responders. Host Sandra Siepak adds Our Ventura TV’s commitment to showcasing the positive aspects of the community and the excitement of introducing the Optimal Aging series. “We have so much we can learn from each other.”

Since 2008, Our Ventura TV has featured:

*    Nonprofits
*    Community advocates
*    Leaders
*    Artists
*    Organizations contributing to Ventura County

Business representatives with non-commercial messages are also welcome.

Host Rev. Bonnie Rose explains, “This Optimal Aging series focuses on living life to the fullest.”

Challenges And Support

This special series allows for a robust exploration of the ideas of “living a long life,” as well as “getting old” from various individual and organizational perspectives. Host MB Hanrahan acknowledges the challenges of aging but emphasizes the community’s support network. “We are blessed with a wealth of individuals who strive to help each other.”

County Resources

Host Monique Nowlin highlights the resources available in Ventura County: “There are a multitude of resources available in Ventura County to help the elderly and this series aims to raise more awareness about how to access them.”

Share Your Story

Our Ventura TV founder and producer, George Alger, encourages participation: “This is an opportunity to share your story on local TV.”

About Our Ventura Tv

Our Ventura TV is an award-winning weekly talk-show television series broadcast on Ventura cable channel 6 TV and also published on ourventura.com as well as on social media networks.


Visit the website and click “Contact” to get scheduled as a guest.

Together, let’s explore Optimal Aging in Ventura County!

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