Zoppe’ Circus at The Fairgrounds

If you haven’t witnessed the magic of Zoppé, there’s still time.

Embark on a captivating journey into the enchanting world of Zoppé, a family circus that promises an unforgettable experience. Immerse yourself in the joy and warmth of Italian hospitality as Zoppé Circus unfolds before you, bringing together a dazzling array of talents from around the globe. This extraordinary show is not merely a collection of acts; it’s a heartfelt celebration of life, family, and the timeless magic of the circus.

Headlined by the charming Nino the clown, Zoppé Circus stands out with its unique approach—a central narrative that guides the entire performance. Witness breathtaking acrobatic feats, marvel at equestrian showmanship, share in the delight of canine capers, and be enchanted by the art of clowning. What sets this circus apart is its deep connection with the audience; participation is not just encouraged but an integral part of the show, making every spectator an active participant in the magic unfolding under the big top.

This is more than a mere spectacle; it’s a profound experience carefully crafted by Giovanni Zoppé, the circus director. According to Giovanni, Zoppé Circus aspires to transcend the ordinary circus, aiming to touch every emotion. Laughter, tears, and genuine connections with the characters—the circus promises more than just entertainment; it’s an immersive event that lingers in your memories.

Giovanni Zoppé’s dedication to the art form and commitment to elevating the circus experience are evident throughout the show. As a sixth-generation performer, he brings a rich heritage to the ring, infusing the performance with a sense of tradition and authenticity.

If you haven’t witnessed the magic of Zoppé, there’s still time to be part of this extraordinary event. Catch them at Ventura Fairgrounds until Jan. 1, and let the Zoppé Circus create moments that will stay with you long after the final curtain falls.

For additional details and tickets, visit https://zoppe.net/about-us/.

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