Vol. 17, No. 07 – Dec 27, 2023 – Jan 9, 2024 – Ventura Music Scene

by Pam Baumgardner

Well, we’re at the close of another year and looking forward to the new one. I’m typically not one for looking back, but rather one who anticipates all the good things to come. That being said, now is as good of time as any to reminisce, just a bit. It’s been almost fifteen years since I decided to get involved with Ventura’s music scene hoping to inspire people to get out and enjoy live music while supporting our local venues and artists by launching VenturaRocks.com. It was ten years ago that Sheldon Brown, publisher of the Ventura Breeze, invited me to write this music scene column. Since I got involved keeping my finger on the pulse of our music community, the most important thing I’ve learned is that the music scene is a living entity. You have to nurture it. The venues (God love them) need to promote, the artists need to captivate and entertain, and just as importantly, us music loving fans need to support by not only showing up, but show up with our wallets opened. Several venues provide no cover charge, so they especially need your patronage; buy a beverage, order up some food, tell others about the great time you had, and please don’t forget about the artists, especially our beloved singer/songwriters; buy their swag, order their music, leave a tip. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it takes three elements to make a music scene, the venues, the artists, and us music fans, together, we make Ventura Rock!

Now on to bringing in the New Year. Most venues will have a special celebration on Sunday, December 31, but not all at midnight. Some pub/wine houses are celebrating the “UK” New Year at 4 pm, others at 9 pm aligning with the New York dropping of the ball in Time Square, but most will ring in 2024 at midnight our time with entertainment and party favors. My column (as well as VenturaRocks.com) only lists live music, so if you don’t see a venue here (Bombay’s, the Six and others), it doesn’t mean they’ll be closed, they’ll most likely rock in the year with a DJ. No matter your preference, I recommend you take a look and see what’s available, call the venue to secure reservations and find out if they’ll have a cover charge so you’ll be prepared. And speaking of being prepared, if you’re planning to tie one on, I highly recommend you either have a designated driver, the phone number of a taxi service or have a rideshare app on your phone (Uber, Lyft).

Quick Notes: Copa Cubana has permanently closed their doors their final show was December 19; Nick Waterhouse plays the Deer Lodge on Thursday, December 28; Rincon Brewery continues with live music on Friday, December 29, with Milo Sledge Trio; and Namba hosts All Ears described as a musical alchemy on Saturday, January 6.

Do you have any music-related news or upcoming shows you want help publicizing? Please send all information short or long to [email protected], and for updated music listings daily, go to www.VenturaRocks.com.

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