Vol. 17, No. 07 – Dec 27, 2023 – Jan 9, 2024 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Wednes 12/6

9:29am, dispatched to an Ocean Rescue at the Ventura Pier for swimmer in distress. Officers responded in the Fireboat and Rescue watercraft. The distressed swimmer was assisted to shore without injuries or issues.

Thursday 12/7

12:05pm, dispatched to Schooner/Harbor for a technical rescue, person stuck 30ft up in a bucket utility truck. Officers responded and assisted VFD/VPD with the rescue of the tree trimmer. No injuries were sustained by the victim.

Friday 12/8

9:26am, dispatched to an unconscious person at Olivas/Harbor. Officers responded with VFD/AMR and assisted with the patient treatment.

12:40pm, observed a 25ft motor vessel in violation of speed ordinance, officers were able to make contact and issue warnings for the violation.

7:50pm, while on patrol in Rescue B19, officers removed several fishermen hoop netting in prohibited areas around the Breakwall. Warnings issued.

Saturday 12/9

10:58am, officers aboard the Fireboat assisting Standup paddlers who were attempting to attend the cancelled “Santa Paddle” in the harbor. Unfortunately, due to the Gale conditions the event was cancelled.

4:55pm, received report of injured seabird near Portside. Officers found the bird with a hook/fishing line but were unable to catch as it was able to fly away.

Sunday 12/10

4:15pm, observed a small vessel excessively speeding through the harbor. Officers launched a vessel to pursue and were able to catch the vessel near the launch ramp. The skipper had also illegally placed and left hoop nets. Very stern written warnings issued and education of ordinances relayed to skipper.

Monday 12/11

11:54am, officers removed a large Hazard to Navigation, a tree near the entrance. The hazard was towed downcoast near the Santa Clara River.



Tuesday 12/12

6:05pm, received report of a transient locked in the restrooms in the village. Officers responded, convinced individual to move along after a prolonged period

Wednes 12/13

10:45am, while on patrol in Fireboat, officers removed a hazard-to-navigation, a large tree adrift in the main channel. It was towed to the launch ramp.

5:05pm, observed illegally placed hoop nets near the breakwall. Officers contacted the fishermen, issued warnings, and moved nets to legal area.

Thursday 12/14

7:43pm, dispatched to a medical at Ventura Marina Community club house. Officers responded with AMR/VFD and assessed a patient for nausea.

8:29pm, dispatched to a medical at a harbor hotel. Officers responded with AMR/Fire to assist with assessment of unconscious person.

Friday 12/15

.10:41am, dispatched to an Ocean Rescue, wind surfer in distress in the east winds off Marina Park. Officers responded in the Fireboat, searching for the victim. The reporting party mistakenly thought buoys were a person in distress.


Saturday 12/16 6:15pm, received report of parking lot flooding at 1691 Spinnaker dr. A vehicle collided with pipes and cause the flood. Water for the area was secured.

Sunday 12/17

9:37am, dispatched to an overdose on a vessel in the commercial slips. Officers responded with AMR/VFD found a person unresponsive, unable to resuscitate.

2:00pm, officers in Fireboat escorting the “Santa Paddle” from the South Harbor to Pierpont basin. Participants dressed up in various Christmas costumes, even a sailboat from last night’s parade, still decorated, joined the event.

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