Participants put on Santa Claus or elf costumes

Santa Paddle is a whimsical tradition of the holiday season.

by Patricia Schallert

Santa Paddle in Ventura Harbor is a yearly whimsical tradition that brings a unique twist to the holiday season. In this charming event, participants put on Santa Claus or elf costumes and take to the waters of Ventura Harbor on stand-up paddle boards or in kayaks.

The sight of paddling Santas gliding across the harbor creates a joyful spectacle that captures the spirit of the holidays in the coastal Ventura setting. Against the backdrop of boats and the ocean, the event combines holiday cheer with the laid-back atmosphere of Ventura.

Families and onlookers gather along the harbor to witness this merry gathering of Santas, creating a lighthearted experience that adds a touch of magic to the local holiday celebrations. Santa Paddles not only showcases the community’s festive spirit but also highlights the creativity and sense of fun that make Ventura Harbor a unique destination during the holiday season.



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