A very busy 2023 for Caps Media

The entire CAPS Media Crew offer our thanks to everyone in Ventura and Ventura County for their tremendous support throughout 2023. All year long CAPS Media crews provided production services for the entire community and created informative, educational, and engaging productions with Ventura City staff and agencies throughout the county.

For the City, CAPS operations manager Donald McConnell and his sidekick Manny Reynoso, recorded and broadcast 48 individual meetings at city hall, totaling more than 170 hours of live programming, all broadcast on CAPS channel 15 and streamed online. The rebroadcasts of the city meetings exceeded 300 hours of information for the community.

CAPS video crews, led by master videographer/editors Gary Roll and Alex Uvari, working in concert with the City Public Information Officers, produced dozens of informative productions for multiple city departments.

At the CAPS Media Center, the talented and dedicated CAPS/KPPQ DJs, directed by radio manager Elizabeth Rodeno, produced more than 150 hours of community talk shows and 300 hours of original music shows, informing and entertaining Venturans and audiences worldwide at 104.1 FM and on myTuner Radio.

Throughout the year, students in the CAPS/ECTV media career program, mentored by Phil Taggart, wrote, produce, directed, hosted, and edited dozens of award-winning programs on wide ranging topics. The ECTV students were also vital crew members in CAPS’ recording and live broadcasting of graduation ceremonies for Ventura College and all VUSD high schools and the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

CAPS Media presentations for government and nonprofit agencies expanded to include Ventura County Criminal Justice Center, Ventura College Foundation, Ventura Regional Firesafe Council, the Housing Trust Fund of Ventura County and more.

High on the list of very special projects in 2023 were CAPS’ collaborations with the outstanding staff at the Museum of Ventura County, creating a variety of media productions for Ventura County’s 150th Anniversary Celebration. Media productions included episodes for “Voices of Ventura County,” “Feast or Flop” and “Ventura County: The Place We Call Home.”

In October CAPS held an Open House at the CAPS Media Center inviting the public to meet the CAPS crew, tour the facility, and engage in informative demonstrations on all aspects of media production.

For everyone interested in learning more about CAPS Media and CAPS Radio, separate orientations are held monthly on the 2nd Wednesday of the month beginning on January 10 for CAPS Media and on the 2nd Thursday of the month beginning on January 11 for CAPS Radio KPPQ. The member orientations are held at 6pm at the CAPS Media Center, 65 Day Road. The center is open to the public every week, Tuesday-Thursday noon to 8pm.

Early in 2024 CAPS Members will be able to schedule one-on-one media training with the knowledgeable CAPS staff using an updated CAPS website launching in February.

As the year draws to a close, the entire CAPS Media staff want to express our appreciation to the members of the dedicated CAPS Media Board of Directors: Cliff Rodrigues, Board Chair, Darryl Dunn, Vice Chair and Treasurer, Kathleen Good, Secretary and Pam Baumgardner, Michael Velthoen, Cathy Peterson, Bill Schneider, Heather Sumagaysay and Michael MacDonald representing the City, and Marieanne Quiroz representing the VUSD.

Thank you all for another wonderful year of serving the Ventura community. Best wishes for a Happy and Healthy 2024.

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