Vol. 17, No. 06 – Dec 13 – Dec 26, 2023 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Wednes 11/22

1:24am, dispatched to breathing problems in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with the patient.

5:39am, dispatched to a fall victim in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers assisted VFD/AMR with the patient.

Thursday 11/23

8:13am, dispatched to a boat fire at VWM A-dock. Officers responded in the Fireboat to a 55ft motor vessel with a fire in the engine room. Once on scene, officers boarded the vessel and were able to extinguish the fire. The boat owner was able to turn off the power dockside and on the vessel which helped save it.

Friday 11/24

12:50pm, observed a small sabot sailboat in distress near the launch ramp docks. Officers attempted several times to coach then catch the vessel, until eventually the skipper was able to get close enough so they could grab and secure the boat.

Saturday 11/25

8:41pm, received report of a distressed vessel near the detached breakwall. Officers responded in Fireboat, found vessel being assisted by a Good Samaritan

Sunday 11/26

9:15am, received report from the mother of an individual who had their vehicle stolen in Village lot, but was able to retrieve it. Advised to contact Ventura PD but the caller refused. Further advised Harbor Patrol not the agency to call for stolen vehicles or major crimes but apparently the victim was on his way to our office. The victim never arrived at Port District, so assuming everything was ok.

Monday 11/27

11:30am, while on patrol in Fireboat, observed an unmanned single kayak caught in east winds eventually caught on the North Jetty. Searched the area, no persons in the water found, placed the green kayak into lost and found locker.

Wednes 11/29

8:45am, raised flags to half mast in honor of Rosalynn Carter

Thursday 11/30

6:40pm, observed distress flares near Surfers Knoll, offshore. Officers responded and found several hand & aerial flares in the area, but unable to locate vessels in distress after searching the area. Received several reports of flares.

Friday 12/1

4:05pm, dispatched to swimmer in distress at VHV G-dock. Officers responded in Fireboat to assist VPD with a fleeing subject. Eventually, the subject was caught with a boat hook, pulled from the water then arrested by Ventura PD.

6:43pm, officers on patrol in Fireboat with Fish & Wildlife wardens to enforce fishing at the breakwall. Several vessels boarded, wardens educated and warned fishermen of violations of state, federal and local ordinances / laws.

Saturday 12/2

10:57am, received a call concerning the recent earthquake in the Philippines, specifically if there was a tsunami threat for Ventura Harbor. Officers advised that tsunami warning center had not issued a warning or threat of tsunami for the west coast. Also relayed website for tsunami warnings info: tsunami.gov.

Sunday 12/3

8:08am, dispatched to swimmer in distress near Seward Ave. Officers responded in the Fireboat and Rescue watercraft to assist with Ocean Rescue. The victim was suffering from behavioral issues and detained by Ventura PD.

1:52pm, observed an individual locked in a vehicle, frantically using a key fob to escape. Officers were able to coach the victim to use the manual door unlock button and removed person from vehicle. The car battery was dead, officers jump started the vehicle, the individual was able to drive away, get to work.

5:50pm, dispatched to gas odor near the firepit in the village. Officers responded with VFD, found the firepit extinguished, no gas odor in the area.

Monday 12/4

10:15am, dispatched to seizure patient at 1080 Navigator. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with the patient, who was transported to hospital.

12:51pm, received request to remove homeless from the L/R restrooms so that maintenance can clean them. Removed several transients without incident.


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