River Haven is now gone forever


The City of Ventura and Turning Point Foundation decided to close the River Haven Transitional Housing Program on Oct 1, 2023. Turning Point Foundation managed this transitional housing program for over 17 years.


River Haven allowed clients to stay for 24 months while working on a transition to permanent housing, River Haven was located on Harbor Blvd. near Spinnaker Dr. A curved dirt road led to the site which made passage very difficult after heavy rains.

The community was funded partly by the city of Ventura and Turning Point Foundation’s donors.

The city provided Turning Point with financial support to hire and retain a case manager and operating costs using federal Community Development Block Grant funding and Measure O dollars.

Ventura provided $25,000-$30,000 in grants and $40,000-$60,000 from Measure O to River Haven.. Measure O, passed by voters in 2016, authorized a half-cent tax sales to help pay for infrastructure repairs and city services.

River Haven residents paid about $300 a month.

There is, or will be soon , other permanent supportive housing as a former hotel is being converted into housing for the homeless.

River Haven started during the El Nino in 2006. Clients/residents of River Haven received case management services that followed up with service plan goals and their well-being to promote and create action plans for clients that helped them to become more successful and to maintain service connections obtained.

Through support and housing both Turning Point Foundation and River Haven have given people the opportunity and the tools to start truly living happier and healthier lives.

All of River Haven residents were provided with mental health services, physical health services, addiction services, career assistance, income assistance, and medical assistance. Important life skills such as opening bank accounts, learning about budgeting, and learning how to live as part of a community to the River Haven residents.

Turning Point will continue its commitment to providing quality housing, mental health, and wellness services to this population in the City of Ventura and countywide through their variety of other program.

To learn more about the programs and services Turning Point offers please visit turningpointfoundation.org.

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