Vol. 17, No. 05 – Nov 29 – Dec 12, 2023 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Wednes 11/8

5:36pm, dispatched to a fall victim in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded with AMR/VFD to assist. The patient was treated then transported.

Thursday 11/9

10:33am, observed US coast guard personnel repairing the fog signal on S. Jetty.

1:03pm, the Fireboat is back in the water after a month. Officers and boatyard mechanics taking the vessel on a sea trial to ensure the boat is operating well.

Friday 11/10

1:35am, received report of 5 juveniles trespassing/fishing at the lake in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and pursued the group through the community but were unable to bring them to justice.

8:40pm, sailboat “Wanderer” has left the harbor after repeated warnings to leave or that his vessel would be impounded. Searched harbor, unable to locate boat.

Saturday 11/11

10:45am, dispatched to a traffic accident at VWM. Officers responded and found an unconscious patient locked in a vehicle. VFD arrived and entered the car. Resuscitation efforts were attempted, but the patient was not revived.

Sunday 11/12

4:30am, monitoring USCG conversing with sailboat “Wanderer” without much success. After a few hours USCG launched a vessel, located the sailboat near Hueneme and towed to Channel Islands Harbor. Officers reiterated, “Do not bring that vessel to Ventura Harbor!” after speaking with coast guard.
Monday 11/13 1:40pm, responding to disabled sailboat “Wanderer” 2 miles from the Harbor. Searched 2 miles south, west, north. Unable to locate any vessels distressed.

Tuesday 11/14

8:00pm, while on patrol in Rescue B19, observed several vessels hoop nets placed in prohibited areas. Officers issued warnings, had nets removed.

Thursday 11/16

11:45pm, officers secured 5 of 6 twenty-four-hour restrooms at the launch ramp due to a rash of vandalism and graffiti. Unfortunately, transients and “ne’er-do-well’s” use the restrooms for nefarious actions and as abodes .

Friday 11/17

10:01am, received report of a vessel in distress near the Ventura Pier. Officers responded in the Fireboat to investigate. A “boat club” vessel was operating erratically but was not in any distress. Warning issued for improper operation.

4:15pm, dispatched to a boat fire at Portside Marina E-dock. Officers responded in the Fireboat with VFD and were able to determine smoke was coming from an electrical component overheating inside the cabin of the large motor vessel.

Saturday 11/18

2:36am, dispatched to a sick person near 1700 Spinnaker Dr. Officers responded, found an intoxicated person, escorted them to their boat nearby.

1:07pm, received request to investigate harassment of two sea lions swimming near the launch ramp. Officers responded, found two kids throwing rocks but no sea lions nearby. Issued warning to the parent, kids for destruction of property.

2:52pm, dispatched to fall victims in the Harbor Town Point timeshare. Officers responded and assisted a couple up who fell. No injuries sustained in fall.

Sunday 11/19

8:00am, after perusing weather reports of Gale Warning, officers checked conditions outside the harbor in the Fireboat. Patrol was significantly shortened by steep short interval waves with “green water” splashing over the wheelhouse at the entrance. The fireboat was rinsed thoroughly upon return to the dock.

10:01am, received complaint of a commercial fishing vessel conducting hoop netting charters at the Ventura breakwall, violating several ordinances. Officers are looking into the report and the complaint is under further investigation.

Monday 11/20

6:20am, observed National Weather Service issued a Gale Warning for Northeast winds gusting to 40kts. Officers raised warning pennants.

11:50am, received request from skipper of 29ft sailboat to secure to the long dock until the gale settles down and he can continue his trip to Oxnard harbor.

Tuesday 11/21

9:17am, received report of a transient trespassing in a business in the Harbor Village. Officers responded, investigated possible theft. Individual was eventually arrested near Surfers Knoll for unrelated charges.


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