Candlelight Remembrance Service

Participants in services included: Dr. Paul Lenderman-Spiritual Counselor, Raquel Jensen-Spiritual Counselor,  Hospice Physicians Dr. Lisa Deihl Rajala, and Dr. William Rajala, Marianne Cody Administrator, Susan Derby-Social Worker, and Michael Boyko

On the evening of November 9, greater Ventura again gathered as the Joseph P. Reardon Funeral Home & Cremation Service on Main St. as it opened its doors for the ninth annual Candlelight Remembrance Service. The caring professionals of Assisted Hospice of Ventura hosted the ceremonies.

This notable evening is for any individual who has experienced a loss and is looking to honor their loved one(s) in a particularly special way.  We gather, reflect, give tribute with poems and music and finally recite our loved one’s names during our candle service.

“The turn out for nights like tonight really surprises me” says Michael Boyko, Funeral Director and owner of the funeral home.  “It’s just a sign to me that our community really needs this.  The last several years haven’t been easy and we’re proud to invite all to gather for this ceremony.  It doesn’t matter who you’ve lost, or when, or where, all are welcome.”

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