A Q&A with Beth Baumer and Neuroboxing Fight Camp to help those with Parkinson’s and neurological diseases

The non-contact boxing conditioning classes encourage participation.

Neuroboxing Fight Camp, to be located at Portside Ventura Harbor, is a non-profit exercise, neurological rehabilitation and physical therapy program. Who offer a free monthly support group dedicated to impacting the lives of those living with Parkinson’s and neurological disease in our community. Their non-contact boxing conditioning classes encourage participation from caregivers and family members.

Q. Do you have an annual fundraiser? Do you have year-round fundraising projects? Do you have any upcoming events?

A. I am going to start one. An annual cornhole tournament fundraiser hopefully at my new studio in Portside Ventura Harbor’s outdoor sand volleyball courts. I will have a soft opening, as well as a grand opening which will include a FUNdraiser event.

Q.Tell us about the history of your organization: How long has it been around? What was the inspiration for starting it?

I started NBFC in October, 2019. During the pandemic, I was able to keep it afloat with zoom classes and maintained loyal members. The inspiration is my father, Hank Laubacher who was diagnosed with PD in 2010. We noticed the need for a fitness program for the PD and neurological disease community in our area that was fun and engaging. I joined him for a few classes at Agoura Fitness and saw the profound positive effect it had on him and the other members.

Q. What is the philosophy behind your organization? Your mission statement?

A.Movement is Medicine. When faced with a Parkinson’s, neurological or central nervous system disease or impairment, it is essential to get out of your home at least 3 times a week to exercise, connect with others experiencing similar struggles and maintain an active social life. Give yourself the gift of health through fitness and community. You are never alone in your fight!

Q. What do you and your employees and/or volunteers enjoy most about their work?

A. The wonderful friendships and camaraderie shared amongst our members and coaches. Watching our fighters walk out of class with sweat on their brow, flush on their cheeks, smiles on their faces and a livelier pep in their step.

Q. Do you have a special message to share with the neighborhood or community?

A. Please share our service to anyone local you know who could benefit from joining our program! We are also always looking for volunteers to assist in classes and to help perform assessments of our members. Family, friends and caregivers are always welcome to participate with their Neuroboxer. We will also be offering general boxing and kickboxing classes open to anyone!

Q. Can you share a funny or interesting story about your organization? How do you make your workday fun?

A. At NBFC we are major music lovers. Our playlists make the classes super entertaining and motivating! A few of our members are musicians and have worked in the music industry so we get special treats from them when they show up with a playlist. We also love to use our voices, as those living with PD can struggle with projecting their speech. Mike, T Rex, loves to make some noise while doing our high kicks and always gets the group cracking up. Eric loves to dance and sing along to the music, giving his buddies high fives and doing flex offs which keeps the laughter going.

Q. Where can people contact you in order to volunteer or get involved?

Visit our website: www.neuroboxingfightcamp.com
Venmo: @neuroboxingFC
Zelle: 805-223-6955 Also our contact # to call or text
Email: [email protected]

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