Vol. 17, No. 04 – Nov 15 – Nov 28, 2023 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Tuesday 10/31

11:26am, dispatched to a fall victim in the boatyard. 73 y/o male fell 15ft from top deck to lower one. Patient treated then transported to local hospital.

2:39pm, dispatched to unconscious person in Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded assisted AMR/VFD with the 93 y/o male patient.

9:01pm, contacted two separate boats engaged in hoop net fishing in restricted area at the Harbor Entrance. Officers issued verbal warnings for the violations.

Wednes 11/01

5:40am, received complaint about crew boat running its engines. Advised Ventura is a working harbor and commercial vessels regularly run all hours.

9:29pm, received report of a transient screaming in village parking lot. Advised that the reporting party needs to hang up and call police, that patrol is not PD.

Thursday 11/02

12:30pm, received update on the Fireboat repairs from the boatyard. Mechanics advising the shafts are nearly aligned and that the vessel will be ready next week

Friday 11/03

11:58am, received report of a disabled electric boat near the launch ramp. Officers responded in Rescue B19, found vessel, they were no longer disabled.

6:54pm, received request for assistance to get into temporary dry storage on Schooner Dr. Unable to open gate, assisted tenant park at the launch ramp.

Saturday 11/04

12:25pm, dispatched to an offshore search and rescue near Arco Island, aircraft down. Officers responded in Rescue B19 and watercraft 8. After searching, the aircraft landed in an oil field near the reported area, no injuries or damage.

5:48pm, unable to activate fog signal, contacted US coast guard and advised.

6:40pm, received a mayday call from a 22ft radon lost in the fog. Officers responded in Rescue B19, with radar assistance, located the vessel near the pipeline barge offshore of Marina Park. Escorted the lost sailors to launch ramp.

Sunday 11/05

6:26am, observed NWS issued Small Craft Advisory, raised warning pennants.

1:15pm, while on patrol, flagged down by a gentleman who wanted to thank patrol for convincing him to go to the hospital for injuries sustained during a fall.

5:56pm, received complaint from a constant complainer of gas odor near the outdoor fire pit in the village. Officers investigated, no fire or odor observed.

7:15pm, monitored radio traffic between USCG/skipper of 36ft disabled and becalmed sailboat. The skipper was confused, Tow Boat US and Harbor Patrol worked together to locate the vessel just outside the surf near end of Seward.

Monday 11/06

6:07am, dispatched to a traffic accident on Schooner. Officers responded and found two vehicles pulled over, no injuries and both parties exchanged info.

1:47pm, received request to assist bird rescue volunteer to capture an injured sea bird. Responded to Santa Clara River, rescuer was able to capture pelican.

3:56pm, received request for a tow of a disabled electric rental boat. Officers responded to the A-basin and towed the vessel back to the rental dock.

10:15pm, received request for a jumpstart, officers were able to start the vehicle.

Tuesday 11/07

5:33am, observed weather service issued Small Craft Advisory, raised pennant.

8:10pm, received dual complaints from a tenant in VIM and worker cleaning an engine room. Both parties called at the same time complaining about the other.


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