Buenaventura Art Association at Bell Arts Factory

Spotlight on Endless Energy – Maxine Apke

Buenaventura Art Association at Studio 99 @ The Bell Arts Factory

Our Solo Artists
Endless Energy – Maxine Apke
Ebb & Flow – Darlene Roker
New works from New Members

Exhibit runs until December 23, 2023

Apke’s show features more than a dozen framed examples of her handmade paper collage art, about half of which are 24 by 30 in.; some small, unframed pieces; and a dozen “eco-dyed scarves,” she said.

Titled “Endless Energy,” its theme is “energy from the sun,” said Apke, a Santa Barbara resident who’s been making art about 40 years. “The larger works are 3D collages and are interpretations of the sun; the smaller works are related to our natural world.”

Her website, homesteadmill.com, gives insight into Apke’s papermaking process and contains a gallery of her works, including previews of some pieces in the “Energy” show.

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