Sailathon supports Caregivers: Volunteers Assisting The Elderly.

Sailathon celebrated the joy of sailing.

The picturesque waters of Ventura played host to the 22nd Annual Sailathon on Sunday, October 15, a remarkable event that showcased not only the beauty of the sea but also the generosity of the community. Thirty-three registered boats gracefully sailed these waters, all in support of a noble cause – Caregivers: Volunteers Assisting The Elderly.

The Ventura Yacht Club made quite a splash by clinching the renowned Ugly Fish Award with an impressive nine registered boats. They were closely followed by the Ventura Sailing Club, which had eight boats in the competition. Meanwhile, the Pierpont Bay Yacht Club contributed six boats to the cause, and the Channel Island Yacht Club entered three boats, demonstrating the collective commitment of these organizations to the mission.

The Sailathon, a thrilling two-hour event, culminated in a heartwarming reception hosted by the Channel Islands Yacht Club. Here, volunteers showed their culinary skills by preparing delightful chili and chowder for the annual competition. In a savory showdown, Doug Miller was crowned the champion of the chowder category, while the title of chili maestro went to Ken Gearhart, a new Caregiver volunteer.

Caregivers: Volunteers Assisting The Elderly has been a beacon of hope for seniors in Ventura County since its inception in 1984. Developed by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet with a grant from the Interfaith Council on Aging and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, this community-based model has met the growing needs of the elderly in the United States. In Ventura County, where one of the largest aging populations resides, CAREGIVERS serves hundreds of seniors, offering crucial support and companionship. This vital service has been sustained by the generosity of individuals, foundations, corporations, and municipalities, enabling CAREGIVERS to continue its essential mission.

The 22nd Annual Sailathon not only celebrated the joy of sailing but also underscored the enduring spirit of giving and community support. As the boats sailed away into the horizon, they carried with them the hopes and dreams of a better, more caring world for our elderly citizens.

For more information about Caregivers: Volunteers Assisting The Elderly and how you can contribute to their mission, please visit

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