Ventura ArtWalk returns

Exhibits inside Bell Arts Factory. Photos by Richard Lieberman

At the County Museum several exhibits for ArtWalk viewers

Ventura is known as one of the most creative communities in Southern California. It’s time to focus on the magic that brought many artists and entertainers to our area. ArtWalk is back! This family-friendly event Sept. 23-24, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.,  featured hundreds of artists in local galleries and creative collaboratives in businesses and other unique spaces. Large art installations, music, poetry, dance and theater will all be a part of this event run by a new and enthusiastic all-volunteer team.

A billboard promoting ArtWalk on Main Street

Ventura’s long-running and popular arts event took a break during the pandemic and is back, better and larger than ever. Because of the great interest from the arts community, organizers decided on a two-day event to give participants extra time to see all the venues. The route started near Cemetery Park, traveled down Main Street and up Ventura Avenue, encompassing the Library’s Topping Room, City Hall, the Crowne Plaza, Ventura Mission, Museum of Ventura County, Vita Art Center, Working Artists Ventura(WAV), Bell Arts Factory and Art City. In between were numerous galleries and businesses featuring local artists and musicians. Two-day pop-up galleries along the route featured even more artists.

The event is also focusing on performing arts. Two stages, the Main Street Stage Downtown and the City Hall Atrium, will feature some of the area’s top performers. Highlights will include aerial acrobatics from The Aerial Studio, a performance from the Ventura County Ballet, and sets from local favorite bands Shaky Feelin and the Heavy Hitters. The Rubicon Theatre Company will entertain at City Hall. A third stage by Mission Park featured performance art.

It has not been held since 2019 and was welcomed back by folks enjoying the art and music. Hundreds of artists showed off their wonderful art.

Marie Lakin, ArtWalk Chair was thrilled with the wonderful attendance to the Walk and the many many artists participating.

To make it easier to attend Gold Coast Transit District offered unlimited ride passes for Saturday and Sunday along their routes.

To learn more about the ArtWalk event, performers and artists, visit

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