Food Share hosted its Second Annual Fed Up Shindig

One of the highlights of the night was the inaugural Empty Bowls silent auction.

On Saturday, September 23rd, Food Share hosted its Second Annual Fed Up Shindig, bringing together more than 350 people from our community in a united effort to combat hunger. This event, held at Food Share in Oxnard, was not only a night of great music, food, laughter, and generosity but also an opportunity to shed light on an issue affecting one in four people in Ventura County – food insecurity.

Food Share, a proud member of the Feeding America network, the nation’s largest hunger-relief organization, understands the far-reaching impact of hunger. Their mission goes beyond merely distributing food; they aim to provide quality sources of nutrition to promote good health and a balanced diet for those struggling to make ends meet on tight budgets.

The staggering statistics regarding food insecurity emphasize the importance of initiatives like Food Share’s. The majority of individuals they serve are hardworking, often holding down more than one job to provide for their families. Rising concerns about job security and the increased cost of living affect our community, transcending race, age group, and gender. It’s a challenge we all face, one that unites us at every kitchen table.

Food Share operates a vast 46,000-square-foot warehouse space, equipped with a 1,176-square-foot cooler and a 1,176-square-foot freezer. Each day, this warehouse receives an average of 36,000 pounds of food, providing a lifeline for countless families. To put it into perspective, their freezer alone is equivalent to 1,176 household freezers, and their cooler equals 802 household refrigerators.

At the heart of this year’s Fed Up Shindig were the individuals who founded Food Share back in 1978. Virgil and Lynn Nelson, along with their friends John and Jewel Pedi, initiated this incredible journey in a family garage. Their presence at the event added a special touch to the evening, reminding us of the humble beginnings that have blossomed into an indispensable organization.

One of the highlights of the night was the inaugural Empty Bowls silent auction, which garnered tremendous support and success. Over 100 beautifully crafted bowls were auctioned and sold, symbolizing our community’s commitment to filling the bowls of those in need. Trinity Hatch contributed to the spirit of giving by creating over 300 Fed Up friendship bracelets for sponsors, staff, volunteers, and vendors who tirelessly worked to ensure the night was a resounding success in the fight against hunger.

The Second Annual Fed Up Shindig was a testament to the power of community coming together to tackle a shared challenge. It celebrated the past, present, and future of Food Share’s mission while reminding us all that we have the ability to make a difference, one meal at a time.

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