Vol. 16, No. 26 – Sept 20 – Oct 3, 2023 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Saturday 8/26

9-5pm, officers attending Police and Fire expo at their headquarters.

Sunday 8/27

8:16am, dispatched to 2 missing single outrigger canoes. The pair disappeared in a heavy fog bank. Officers searched in the Fireboat, found the pair in harbor.

2:40pm, dispatched to a kayak in distress near the #2 buoy. Officers responded in Fireboat, found kayak not distressed, advised skipper of small craft advisory.

Monday 8/28

8:51am, received report of an audible alarm sounding on a vessel in Portside marina. Officers responded, found nothing suspicious, contacted owner to secure

Tuesday 8/29

6:03am, observed weather service issued Small Craft Advisory, raised pennant.

7:35pm, received report of a vessel accident in the keys between two electric boats, one was moored. Officers responded and investigated the incident. No major damage or injuries reported or observed.

Thursday 8/31

3:05pm, while on patrol in the Fireboat, officers removing hazards to navigation, large logs, branches and even trees. All items towed to the L/R for removal.

Friday 9/1

4:00pm, dispatched to back pain in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded with VFD/AMR assisted a 75 y/o female to the ambulance.

5:03pm, observed then reported a domestic dispute to PD in a vehicle near 1567 Spinnaker Dr. An aggressive female was eventually arrested after investigation.

Saturday 9/2

10:15am, contacted a boat club skipper for speeding in the main channel of the harbor, issued verbal warning for the violation.

Monday 9/4

10-6pm, beaches and village were very crowded, the ocean was very dangerous with large South Swell, fortunately nothing major occurred during the holiday.

4:20pm, while on patrol observed State Parks executing an ocean rescue, officers assisted with transporting the inexperienced surfer to Harbor Cove uninjured.

Wednes 9/6

9:39am, received multiple complaints regarding the owner of the sailboat at the L/R dock. Officers reminded the individual of his temporary permission to dock, inquiring of his progress gathering safety equipment so USCG will let him leave.

Thursday 9/7

10:02pm, officers working with Ventura PD to assist an individual living in his RV near the village and trying to find options for parking his vehicle.
Saturday 9/9 2:13pm, dispatched to an ocean rescue, capsized kayak 8 miles offshore. Officers responded in Fireboat with multiple agencies. Dewatered the kayak for VC sheriff so they could transport it to the owner in CI harbor who was pulled from the water by VC sheriff helicopter.

Sunday 9/10

10:35am, received a complaint from a female transient that other transients are stealing her personal items. Advised her of the procedure to file a report with local law enforcement for lost or stolen property.

3:41pm, observed fuel odor near the village commercial docks. Officers found a source, one of the purse seiners. After investigation, the captain believed the contaminants came from their tender and were able to mitigate and clean up.

Monday 9/11

6:20am, once again, Small Craft Advisory issued, raised warning pennant.

9:50am, dispatched to fall in Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded with AMR/VFD to the call. The patient was uninjured, lift assist only.

4:18pm, dispatched to difficulty breathing in the riverbottom, homeless camp. Officers responded with VFD into the bamboo south of Surfers Knoll. The patient was transported to AMR ambulance in the Surfers Knoll lot.

11:55pm, heard a loud explosion, receiving multiple calls inquiring about it. After investigation, US coast guard called it was a event from Vanderberg.

Tuesday 9/12

11:47am, dispatched to 76 y/o female with chest pain in Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded with VFD/AMR and assisted the patient who was eventually transported to local hospital for further treatment.


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