CAPS/ECTV Crew produces safety video for schools

CAPS is holding an open house.

Meet the new CAPS/ECTV Crew – the talented high school students at El Camino in the media education program at CAPS. Recently the ECTV team worked with Ventura Police school resource officers (SROs) to produce a new school preparedness instructional video for teachers and students in the Ventura Unified School District.

The ECTV program was created by CAPS in partnership with the VUSD. The career education program provides high school students with hands-on training in all aspects of media production including writing, directing, producing, recording, and editing their own award-winning programs.

KPPQ’s DJ of the month is Kathleen Good, host of “In the Women’s Room”. She has been a member of CAPS for fifteen years which constitutes nearly her entire retirement. For eight years she produced environmental videos for CAPS-TV.

When CAPS Media invested in a local community radio station—it was a no-brainer for Kathleen to propose a show. The format came together almost instantly because she had been working with women’s issues as well as environmental issues, and had honed skills such as preparation, timing, sequencing, interviewing skills, as well as storytelling.

Kathleen says” “In the Women’s Room” is your place for enlightening discussions with experts about our history, health, psychology, politics, workplace, art, child-rearing, literature, social and economic issues, environment, and much, much more. Every woman knows what the issues are—we live them every day!” Tune in Monday and Wednesday at 8a, Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm and Saturday at 1pm on KPPQ at 104.1fm or streaming on myTuner.

Join us for a special CAPS Open House on Thursday, October 5th from 4-p.m. to 8pm at the CAPS Media Center. Everyone is invited to drop by, meet the CAPS crew, tour the facility, and enjoy brief, hands-on, informative demonstrations on all aspects of media production including videography, studio, radio and podcast production, scripting and storytelling, live streaming, video editing and much more.

CAPS is Ventura’s public access media center, managing Channel 6 (public) and Channel 15 (government and education), plus KPPQ radio at 104.1fm and video streaming. CAPS crew members provide expertise and service to the City of Ventura by covering City Council and other meetings at City Hall, as well as producing informational public service videos and more.

At the CAPS Media Center, the team offers one-on-one training to the public in all aspects of media production helping CAPS Members to produce their own projects. In addition, CAPS has all the tools Members need to produce their stories including cameras, tripods, sound gear, editing computers and more.

Anyone who lives, works, or attends school in Ventura is welcome to become a CAPS Member and take advantage of the training and resources CAPS has to offer. Currently CAPS Members include teenagers, young and mid-career professionals, educators, storytellers, retirees, and everyone in between. In addition, CAPS Members also include local community councils, and nonprofit, faith-based and other community service organizations throughout Ventura.

The CAPS Media Center is located a 65 Day Road, between Loma Vista and Telegraph, on the east side of Ventura College directly across from Foothill High School.

Join us for the CAPS Open House on Thursday, October 5th. Discover a world of limitless creative possibilities at CAPS. We know you’ll be surprised and enjoy the people you’ll meet and what you’ll find inside the CAPS Media Center.

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