Celebrating a significant milestone in community safety and wildfire prevention

Ondulando Board of Directors and City support staff. Photos by Patricia Schallert

On August 25th, the Ventura Fire Department invited the community of Ondulando, located in East Ventura to join Fire Chief David Endaya, Fire Marshal Brett Reed and the Ventura Regional Fire Safe Council in celebrating a significant milestone in community safety and wildfire prevention. The Ventura Fire Department and the Ventura Regional Fire Safe Council are thrilled to announce Ondulando as the City of Ventura’s inaugural nationally recognized Firewise USA community.

Maya De Leon Communication Outreach specialist for Ventura Regional Fire safe Council and Andrew Ortega Board President for Ventura Regional Fire Safe Council presenting the certificate.

In celebration of this achievement, a special certificate presentation ceremony took place at the restored Ondulando Clubhouse and was able to capture the spirit of unity and resiliency that defines the Ondulando community.

Firewise USA, is a program by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) that acknowledges communities that take proactive measures to minimize wildfire risks through organized collaboration and action. Ondulando’s achievement reflects a united effort among its 640 property owners to enhance safety for all residents in Ventura County.

The journey to becoming Firewise-recognized demanded rigorous efforts by Ondulando’s residents, including:

  • Conducting a comprehensive community wildfire risk assessment
  • Creating a three-year action plan, outlining strategies to reduce ignition risk for homes
  • Facilitating a community gathering to foster awareness and collaboration
  • Committing to the maintenance of defensible space around structures
  • Pledging 640 volunteer hours annually for wildfire risk reduction activities

“The efforts of the residents of Ondulando are extremely commendable and deserving of this recognition,” said Ventura Fire Chief David Endaya. “By taking proactive steps to reduce their risk from wildfire, these 640 property owners are the largest community in Ventura County to make a commitment to creating a safer community for every resident.”

“Wildfires can impact dozens or hundreds of homes simultaneously, and if my neighbors’ homes aren’t prepared, mine will be vulnerable, too,” said Ben Rode, Ondulando resident of 21 years. “By embracing the Firewise USA program, we can fortify our homes and collectively enhance our community’s resiliency.”

There will be several more opportunities for the hillside Ventura Communities to participate in learning more about the Firewise program.

Ondulando Firewise Community website: http://sites.google.com/view/ondulandocommunities

Fire Safe Council Annual Fundraiser will take place at Topa Topa Brewing Co. at

4880 Colt St., Ventura on November 9th -5:30 pm – 8:00 pm. RSVP to VenturaFireSafe.org

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