Vol. 16, No. 25 – Sept 6 – Sept 19, 2023 – As I See It

The Ventura County Fair made about $6.7 million this year. This is slightly less than last year’s $6.9 million. Ticket revenue was slightly up and parking was slightly down from last year. Carnival proceeds fell to about $3.6 million, nearly $230,000 less than last year.

The preliminary revenue numbers reported by the fair included $2.62 million in admissions; $3.55 million in carnival proceeds; $511,300 in parking; and $6.68 million in total revenue.

Inmate Number P01135809

What struck me as a little odd is Trump’s bond was set as $200,000 and he put 10% down and had a bond company guarantee the balance. This is usually done by people who can’t afford to cover their bond. Could it be that Trump doesn’t have $200,000?

Joseph Biggs, a former military service member who helped lead efforts by the Proud Boys to take over the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, was sentenced to 17 years in prison for seditious conspiracy and other crimes committed during the riot more than two years ago.

Ethan Nordean, 32, was sentenced to 18 years for a more serious seditious conspiracy charge.

Even though Bigg’s sentence is far below the 33-year sentence sought by prosecutors, I’m very happy with it. I’m a proud boy because our democracy is working so well finding and prosecuting many of the people who tried to overthrow our country.

US District Judge Timothy Kelly told Biggs that the events of the day broke a long political tradition. He said, “If we don’t have a peaceful transfer of power in this country, we don’t have anything.”

Just before jury selection was to begin in their trial, the remaining three defendants in the theft of more than half a million dollars from the Ventura County Fairgrounds on August 10th last year changed their pleas to guilty. They also admitted to 16 special allegations regarding the theft from the fair administration building. It’s still hard to believe it was so easy for them to steal almost $600,000.

Hopefully the dying of our sea dwellers is coming to an end. Algae that produce domoic acid along the Southern California coast have kept marine mammal rescue groups busy, but the blooms have diminished. Marine mammal centers treated hundreds of animals during what the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said was the most severe algal bloom on record in a geographic region. It was so sad to see ocean dwellers dying.

Muslims in eastern Pakistan went on a rampage over allegations that a Christian man had desecrated the Quran, demolishing the man’s house, burning churches and damaging several other homes, police and local Christians said. Perhaps this was a bit of an overreaction.

San Francisco’s Roman Catholic archdiocese filed for bankruptcy, saying the filing is necessary to manage more than 500 lawsuits alleging child sexual abuse by church officials. The Chapter 11 protection filing will stop all legal actions against the archdiocese and thus allow it to develop a settlement plan with abuse survivors.

I hope that Ventura can support the many cannabis stores that will be opening here. Cannabis stores in other communities are already suffering financially. Just don’t know if there is this much need.

Three people were killed in a racially motivated attack after a gunman targeted Black people at a Dollar General store in Jacksonville, Florida, in one of several weekend shootings that again shocked Americans in public places.

A judge has refused to dismiss the case against a father who helped his son obtain a gun license three years before authorities say the younger man fatally shot seven people at a 2022 Fourth of July parade in suburban Chicago. Illinois prosecutors charged Robert Crimo Jr. because he had alleged helped his son, Robert Crimo III, obtain a gun license even though the then 19-year-old had threatened violence. Perhaps this type action can help reduce gun deaths at least a little.

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