Vol. 16, No. 24 – Aug 23 – Sept 5, 2023 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


6:05pm, dispatched to a child locked in a vehicle at the Portside apartments. Officers responded with VFD, found vehicle in carport and were able to gain entry to the vehicle to release the small child to their parents.

Thursday 8/3

3:15pm, observed two Personal Watercraft exiting the Keys in violation of speed and wake ordinance. Made contact, issued warnings and conducted safety inspection that uncovered out of date registration.


2:05pm, received report of hazardous material spill near the trash enclosures in the Harbor Village. Officers assisted VPD maintenance with containment. Harrison trash will fully clean up the accident tomorrow.

Saturday 8/5

9:37am, received report of a hazard to navigation, capsized peddle boat in the main channel of the keys. Officers responded, found, towed the vessel to dock.


8:40am, assisting State Parks with lifeguard tryouts at San Buena Ventura Beach. Officers responded in Rescue B19 and Rescue personal watercraft to monitor 65 lifeguard candidates participating in timed swim tests.

9:45am, observed two kayaks capsized at the harbor entrance. Officer on the Rescue personal watercraft took the two persons onboard and towed the kayaks to the longdock for dewatering and re-launching of the vessels.

4:33pm, observed two kayaks in distress on the outside of the South Jetty of the Harbor. Officers were in the Fireboat, pulled three victims onto the boat and towed two kayaks back into Harbor Cove, dropping off victims there also.


10:00am, officers attending ocean rescue training with Oxnard, Ventura and Ventura County Fire departments near Oxnard Shores. The Fireboat and Rescue Watercraft were utilized to practice lifeguarding rescue techniques.

4:45pm, received report of an injured sealion near VWM A-dock. Relayed Channel Islands Marine Wildlife Inst (CIMWI) contact info 805 567-1505.


1:10am, found an unresponsive female in the Launch ramp restrooms. Officers were able to gain response, remove her from the restroom, assist calling friend.

8:10pm, issued warning for blinding lights to Fishing vessel Endeavor.


11:55pm, while on patrol, officers removed local transients from L/R restroom’s.


4:40pm, received request for safety equipment requirements. Officers assisted boater with “ABC’s” of boating and requirements for a 16ft motor vessel.

10:10pm, observed 40 young adults at Surfers Knoll preparing for a beach fire. Officers informed the group of the ordinances for illegal fires. The group left.


10:20am, dispatched to a stingray strike, fisherman was struck near Harbor Cove

12:25p, officers contacted, then removed an illegal fruit stand vendor at Harbor Cove. The vendor unwillingly complied, advised they need permits to operate.


12:59am, dispatched to Portside complex for a fall victim. Officers responded with AMR/VFD and assisted the elder male up and onto his bed, no injuries.

4:35pm, observed “Swan” peddle boat beset by the strong winds, in danger of colliding with moored vessels. Officers in RB19 were able to take the vessel en tow back to the rental dock. Later, found 2 rental SUP paddlers needing a tow.


3:05pm, observed a large motor vessel on the rip rap near Patrol Office. Officers responded in Rescue B19 and by foot to assist the disabled vessel.

The vessel was taken en tow to their slip in the boatyard haul out dock.


1:32pm, received report of commercial vessel pumping petroleum into the harbor. Officers investigated, found a sheen but were unable to locate the source. Multiple vessels appeared to be suspicious, could have caused the spill
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