Fountain on the way to VBG

Councilmember Doug Halter, Phil Foster Ranger and Doug’s crew working to remove the fountain.

The last remaining fountain E.P. Foster hand crafted has been sitting in front of the former Foster house at 2717 N. Ventura Ave.  Orpha (Pearle) Foster gifted the house and 7.5 acres to the school district.

Joa Cahill, VBG Executive Dirctor had been waiting for the right donor to come along and that person finally did.  The first canyon as you walk up into the gardens behind city hall will be a 3-stage site called “The Fernery.” 

After digging below the base of the fountain they separated it from the much larger base and transported it to Ventura Botanical Gardens.  The VBG Fernery site will require at least a year, if not two, to be completed, but it will eventually become a home where thousands of people walking through the gardens will be able to learn about the Fosters and all they did as philanthropists for the betterment of those living within Ventura County from the late 1870’s until 1932 when E.P. passed away. 

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