Autism Society Ventura County

Autism Society Ventura County (ASVC) has been serving Ventura County since 1994. Our mission is to create connections, allowing everyone in the Autism community to live fully. Our Board of Directors are comprised of individuals on the Autism spectrum, Parents, Service Providers and Community members. 1 in 36 babies born today will be diagnosed with Autism according to the CDC. At ASVC, we work to make sure that individuals with Autism and their families have access to the best that Ventura County has to offer.

Some of our year-round programs are: Parent and Caretaker Support Groups, Young Adult Support Groups, Young Adult Social Groups at fun locations like Zander’s Game House in Camarillo, Virtual Art Classes for Kids, Teens, and Young Adults, Everyone has a Story: Bookclub and Writing Workshops, Advocacy trainings and informational seminars, and so much more! You can find us at community events around the county providing support and information to individuals and families who need us, and the community at large. We have many ongoing initiatives, including a health equity program and an active advocacy committee.

We hope you will join us at our World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle Marathon at Pacific View Mall from September 15-24! Tickets are on sale now at Complete this 60,000 piece puzzle with us over 10 days. The puzzle is split into sixty 1,000-piece puzzles, so gather your team and spend a few hours with us! This fundraiser allows us to expand our programs to meet the needs of our community in Ventura County.

Here are some of our other upcoming events that you won’t want to miss: Our 2023 Awesome in Autism Awards on 10/19 at Wood Ranch Country Club in Simi Valley. Nominations are accepted through 9/4- help us recognize the heroes in our community. In January 2024, join us for the first ever Celebrating the Autistic Mind Art Show at the Museum of Ventura County. From January 11-14, we will be showing art from our wonderfully diverse and talented community. Join us in April 2024 for our 12th Annual Aut2Run!

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with our programs and events. For more information about Autism Society Ventura County, check out, or e-mail [email protected]. For sponsorship and donor information, reach out to [email protected].

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