Vol. 16, No. 23 – Aug 9 – Aug 22, 2023 – As I See It

Ventura College President Kim Hoffmans will retire at the end of the school year, leaving the 10,000 student community college after five years at the helm. This leaves plenty time to find a permanent replacement. She has done a wonderful job leading the college.

California’s community colleges (116) offer a great opportunity for all graduates to continue their education and decide what they want their future to be, while also saving some money.

Before attending USC, I attended LACC. This not only saved me a lot of money but they also had an excellent architecture program which made my transition to SC much easier.

The XGames were very successful. So the question now is are they interested in returning next year. I certainly think we should we try to get the X Games back next year? It was a win for all involved. The $250,000 the City Council agreed to spend was money well spent.

A slight problem was the event ran so close to the start of the fair. The short turnaround time put a lot of pressure on fair venders and participants to be ready for their opening.

A repeat performance would be due to the vision of Marlyss Auster, President and CEO of the Ventura Visitors and Convention Bureau, who began promoting the idea to X Games officials 2019

X Games officials said more than 51,143 people attended the three-day finals with a sellout crowd of about 23,000 on Saturday.

Football player Aaron Rodgers has a new deal with the New York Jets and he’s taking a pay cut. Rodgers agreed to a new two-year, $75 million guaranteed contract with the Jets.

Poor guy is only going to make $37.5 million per year to play football. Hope he has saved for his future.

Three military veterans, and others, testified in Congress hearings on UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) the military’s term for UFOs. One claimed the U.S. government has operated a secret “multi-decade” reverse engineering program of recovered vessels. He also said the U.S. has recovered non-human “biologics”(whatever that is) from alleged crash sites.

Much of the discussion centered on improving processes for reporting referring to “anomalous” rather than “aerial” phenomena, to account for sightings in both air and water.

Personally, it would be very exciting if UFOs did come here for a visit. I’m not sure why the government would hide it. If they had plans to destroy us they certainly could have done that many times over.

“Kids, today we are going for a ride to look at the earth. I know it’s a long 5-minute ride so you can take your brainphones with you. We won’t visit because there’s too much shooting and wars which might upset you. Daddy, daddy are we there yet?”

The surface ocean temperature around the Florida Keys soared to 101.19F (38.43C) in what could be a global record as ocean heat around the state reaches unprecedented extremes. I’d bring soap and take a bath.

The Santa Barbara News-Press, one of California’s oldest newspapers, has ceased publishing after its owner declared the 150-year-old publication bankrupt. The newspaper was online only since April. I hate to see this as local papers might be the last hope for the survival of newspapers.

A professional butcher whose bloody, wild-eyed face became one of the most memorable images of the U.S. Capitol riot was sentenced to more than seven years in prison for hurling a bow like a spear at police and attacking several other officers. At least he has his job set-up in prison.

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito accepted a 2008 trip to a luxury fishing lodge in Alaska from two wealthy Republican donors, one of whom repeatedly had interests before the court, and he did not disclose the trips on his financial disclosure for that year. It seems Supreme Court Justice’s are exempt from any disclosure rules. It seems to me Justices should have the most restrictive laws governing them. Their decisions are the most important that can be made.

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