Ocean Water Quality Monitoring Report

Ocean water quality results for samples collected this week indicate

ocean water quality at the following Ventura County beach sampling location failed to meet

State standards for bacteria:

• Rincon Beach

Warning signs are currently posted and contact with ocean water should be avoided for a

minimum of 50 yards on either side of each posted sign. Warning signs will remain posted until

ocean water quality meets State standards. Any items that may have come in contact with

ocean water should be avoided. If contact occurs, wash thoroughly with soap and water.

Any shellfish on or from Ventura County beaches may have also been exposed to this

contamination and should not be eaten.

Ocean Water Quality Monitoring Program staff will continue with weekly bacteriological sampling of Ventura County beaches. Results for specific beaches are also available on the

Environmental Health Division hotline (recorded information), 805/662-6555, and on the Ocean

Water Program Web page at: www.vcrma.org/ocean-water-quality-monitoring-program

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