Vol. 16, No. 22 – July 26 – Aug 8, 2023 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Tuesday 7/4

10:01am, dispatched to possible Ocean Rescue at the Ventura Pier. Officers responded in Rescue B19 and Fireboat to assist VPD with an individual who jumped the locked fence at the base of the closed pier. Officers stood by in case the individual jumped off the pier. VPD was able to arrest him without incident.

2:19pm, dispatched to overdose at the launch ramp restrooms. Officers responded with VPD/AMR to a 24 y/o male who ran, but was arrested by VPD.

5:57pm, received report of a boat operating erratically near the launch ramp, having issues docking. Officers responded and contacted the operator, who refused to talk. He retrieved his vessel and left the scene without incident.

Wednes 7/5

4:33pm, received report of a vessel operating recklessly in the surfline near Surfers Knoll jetty. Officers responded in Fireboat, contacted skipper of “lake-style” boat for violation and moved the vessel to safer water.

Thursday 7/6

5:30am, observed NWS issued Small Craft Advisory, raised warning pennant.

9:39am, received report of a diesel spill near the Ventura Boat Yard. Officers responded in the Fireboat to assist TowBoat US with containment of the spill. A boom was deployed around a commercial fishing vessel that spilled 10 gallons. The spill was contained, absorbent pads deployed. OES investigating incident.

11:35am, received report of an individual pressure washing growth off the bottom of his sailboat at the launch ramp washdown. Officers responded and found a lot of mussels/growth clogging up the drainage system. The skipper was advised of the violation, agreed to clean it up. Maintenance able to unclog drain.

4:10pm, received request to tow a 42ft sailboat from boatyard to its slip. Officers responded in Rescue B19, towed the vessel to its slip in VIM D-dock.

Friday 7/7

9:30am, received request to monitor the JG Pier Swim. Officers en route to the Ventura Pier aboard the Fireboat for the State Parks junior lifeguard swim.

12:03pm, dispatched to a fall victim in the Portside complex. Officers responded with AMR/VFD to male fall victim. No injuries, just helped up.

Saturday 7/8

1:41pm, observed Ocean Rescue, three persons in the water, fell off electric boat in Pierpont Basin. Officers responded with Fireboat and Rescue Water Craft, pulled persons out of the water and assisted back onto rental electric boat.

6:35pm, observed a small sailboat sail into and beset in kelp bed at clingers point. Before patrol could get to the vessel, the skipper had swam his sabot out and into Harbor Cove. Officers picked up the skipper and transported to L/R.

9:10pm, received report of heavy redtide conditions at VWM D-dock. Officers have been using the Fireboats monitor to aerate the water, with no effect.

Sunday 7/9

8:32am, dispatched to fall victim in Ventura Marina Community, non injury call.

5:26pm, dispatched to sick person in Ventura Marina Community, patient transported by AMR for hip pain after assistance to gurney.

Monday 7/10

9:39am, dispatched to Ocean Rescue, search for a downed aircraft. Multiple agencies and assets responded, but were unable to find reported distressed vessel

3:00pm, received report of Dreamer Rental peddle boat, “Blue Duck” in distress in the keys, caught in the wind. Officers towed the vessel back to the rental dock

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