Seniors Among Us

Cheryl was a registered nurse for 17 years.

by Patricia Schallert

I met Cheryl Immel almost immediately upon moving into the Ventura Marina Community Park. She is a senior among us who continues to live a life that can be considered a successful and happy story.

Cheryl was born in Sherman Oaks, located in the San Fernando Valley. She and her husband Dean were given a sailboat as a wedding gift in 1994 and it was stored at the Channel Island Marina. They often came up to sail here and fell in love with the community of Ventura and always kept Ventura in mind for future retirement.

As a registered nurse for 17 years, Cheryl received her teaching credentials and taught Science at Burbank High School. She also taught at the New York Film Academy campus located at Universal Studios. Dean, Cheryl’s husband, taught instrumental music at Burbank High School and then went on to teach music at USC.

Cheryl and her husband decided to retire when felt they were ready to move on and were old enough after teaching for so many years. Always keeping Ventura in mind  Cheryl and her husband settled into the Ventura community full time in 2013.

The friendships that she has made in her community have made her very happy and it is evident in her infectious smile and laugh. She and her husband have joined the Ventura County Concert Band through Ventura’s Adult Education program. She plays the flute and Dean plays the bassoon and he is a also guest conductor.

Cheryl has reflected on the many things she has learned as a retired person. She is the editor of the monthly community newsletter, “The Village Voice” and is Vice President of the HOA Board of Directors at the Ventura Marina Community Park.

She currently works with the Activities Committee and is the director of the “Footlighters Theater Company”.  During the pandemic, Cheryl had time to write a play called “Come Sail Away” for the “Footlighters Theater Company” and she is proud to have it being performed September 8, 9, 10, 2023 on stage in the Ventura Marina Park Community.

Retirement has given Cheryl opportunities to do many things she didn’t have time to do before retirement.  She continues to follow her interest in music, theater and writing along with discovering other possible projects as she goes along.  Cheryl is not afraid to try new things and have new experiences. Taking the time to listen to stories from friends and families is important to her and allows patience…. And she always has a good book lined up to read.

When Cheryl looks back on her life, her most treasured event was meeting her husband Dean.  He encourages her to go after her dreams and most of them include him which also makes her happy. As retirement seems to fit Cheryl, she continues to be open to new experiences and ideas while traveling different paths with her husband. Her values include kindness, helping others and not to be afraid to ask for help if needed.

I loved meeting Cheryl as she shares her joy in life with those around her.

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