GOGO scooters stolen

Two electric scooters were stolen from Chamber office.

In a surprising turn of events, GOGO, a local startup dedicated to providing eco-friendly transportation solutions, faced a setback when two of their electric scooters were stolen in a brazen smash-and-grab incident at the Ventura Chamber of Commerce. However, GOGO refuses to let this incident deter their mission. Instead, they are turning this adversity into an opportunity for growth and resilience.

The incident took place in the early hours of Friday, July 7, when a shattered window revealed the theft of the two electric scooters. GOGO’s team was initially shocked by this unexpected blow, but they quickly rallied together to demonstrate their unwavering commitment to the community and their determination to overcome challenges.

Founder and CEO Luciano Morales expressed the team’s reaction, saying, “While we are deeply saddened by this incident, we see it as a test of our resilience and determination. Our focus has always been on providing convenient and eco-friendly transportation options for our community, and we won’t let this setback deter us from our mission.”

Rather than dwell on the negative, GOGO is using this incident as an opportunity to highlight the importance of supporting local businesses in Ventura and showcasing the spirit of entrepreneurship. They aim to inspire others by sharing their journey of resilience and their commitment to making a positive impact on the community.

Despite the setback, GOGO remains dedicated to their vision of transforming transportation in Ventura. They are actively working with local law enforcement to recover the stolen scooters and ensure the safety and security of their fleet. In the face of adversity, the team is more determined than ever to provide residents and visitors with sustainable and efficient transportation options.

GOGO invites the community to join them in this inspiring journey. By supporting local startups and championing eco-friendly initiatives, Ventura residents can contribute to the growth and vibrancy of the city.

For more information about GOGO and their mission, please visit their website at RideGOGOelectric.com or follow them on Instagram @rideGOGOelectric. Together, let us turn adversity into opportunity and build a stronger and more resilient community.

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