Museum of Ventura County celebrates 150th anniversary

On June 23, a kickoff event was held at the Museum of Ventura County to celebrate Ventura County’s 150th anniversary. In 1873, Ventura County separated from Santa Barbara County creating a unique community in charge of its own destiny. In the 150 years since, Ventura County has become known for its agriculture, industry and innovation all the while cultivating a charming and laid-back cultural atmosphere.

As this year marks the significant distinction of celebrating 150 years, five groups have come together to honor our community, history and diversity. County of Ventura, Museum of Ventura County, Ventura County Community Foundation, Pacific Coast Business Times and Economic Development Collaborative present 150 days of celebration.

Visitors enjoyed 3 exciting new exhibits, food trucks, live music, guest speakers, a specially crafted 150th cocktail and more!

Please stay tuned for many more exciting events, programs, festivals and interactive experiences over the following 150 days.

The museum is located at 100 E Main Street.

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