Have you noticed a change in our skyline?

The value of these trees ranges from $95,000 to $130,000 for all four.

The four dramatic Canary Island palms piercing the horizon at the Ventura Botanical Gardens (VBG) were recently moved from Ventura College to the skyline at Grant Park. These large specimens were donated by the college, which is in the process of new construction and had to remove the trees. Rather than destroy these two-story specimens, they were given to the Gardens. Laurence Nicklin and his team at Plantasia Landscaping and Design dug, transported, and planted them.

Nancy Kettner chose the location along the ridge line of the upper gardens. This location chosen is the highest point in the Gardens and provides a perfect silhouette on the hillside. The trees can be seen from Hwy 33 and many other locations around Ventura. The VBG staff will be caring and maintaining them.

The Canary Islands are one of the four locations in the Mediterranean floristic region with an exact climate match to Ventura. At some point, VBG will have a Canary Islands plant collection and this is the beginning of that. The market value of the four trees, if they were to be purchased through a commercial nursery, ranges from about $95,000 to $130,000 for all four. Acquiring these large trees provides a unique opportunity; Canary Island palms can carry diseases and because of that, it is illegal to transport them across county lines in California, creating an even greater challenge in acquiring large specimens.

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