Ventura High School Presents 41st Annual Reader’s Faire

Inspiring children to explore the power of reading.

Ventura High School (VHS) held its 41st Annual Reader’s Faire, a cherished event organized by the VHS 10th grade Honors English classes on Thursday, June 1, at Ventura High School. 

For over four decades, the Reader’s Faire has captivated young minds and fostered a love for reading among children. This unique event showcased the creativity and talent of Ventura High School students who write, illustrate, and publish original children’s books, which they present to our elementary student guests. 

This year’s Reader’s Fair theme was “Through Time and Beyond,” inviting children to embark on imaginative journeys and explore the wonders of different eras. The stories presented during the event featured characters who learn valuable life lessons and undergo personal growth as they progress on their adventures. 

Ventura High School welcomed approximately 1,000 students from nine elementary schools, including both public and private institutions. Students from kindergarten to second grade were able to immerse themselves in the joy of reading, promoting literacy, and encouraging the use of their imaginations. The elementary school students attending Reader’s Faire were treated to an enchanting experience as they encountered these captivating stories presented in specially designed and decorated habitats, bringing the narratives to life before their eyes.  

The Reader’s Faire is a testament to the dedication of Ventura High School students, teachers, and staff who strive to inspire and uplift the community through the power of literacy.

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