Are you color blind?

The Ventura Botanical Gardens is having a color blindness viewer reveal at the end of the month.

The Ventura Botanical Gardens is looking for adults and/or children to try special EnChroma glasses for color blindness. If you’re color blind, or have a co-worker, friend, or friend who is, and lives in Ventura, please connect with us to try glasses that enable the color blind to see an expanded range of clear, vibrant colors.

The Ventura Botanical Gardens are looking for two or three volunteers, who will be chosen by EnChroma to participate on Tuesday, May 30 at 10am.

To be considered, you must live in Ventura and fill out a brief form at

You must be willing to speak with a reporter and be filmed about what it’s like to be color blind, and how colors appear to you, then try the EnChroma glasses and describe what you experience. It will require about an hour of your time. You’ll get to keep a pair of the glasses as thanks. EnChroma will contact those selected well in advance of the date and provide details. You must not have tried the glasses before the “reveal” date.

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