Vol. 16, No. 16 – May 3 – May 16, 2023 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Wednes 4-12

7:00pm, received report of gas odor near 1567 Spinnaker Dr. Officers responded with VFD/Gas Company. Investigated but unable to locate a gas odor

Thursday 4-13

6:55am, while on patrol, observed thousands of beached “Vela Vela’s” on the shoreline. Attempting to avoid because they stick to undercarriage, and smell.

10:34am, officers on patrol in Fireboat of all response areas in and outside of the harbor including: the keys, all marinas’ fairways, main channels and just outside the surfline up and down Ventura coast. Patrol ended with refueling at fuel dock

Friday 4-14

12:34pm, new officers working on online United States Coastguard captains’ course to eventually take exam to obtain license.

4:20pm, while on patrol in Harb1, patrol truck, officers observed then contacted two “unsightly” recreational vehicles parked in Harbor Cove beach parking lot. The vehicles were in violation of oversized ordinance, moved to Spinnaker Dr.

Saturday 4-15

11:29am, received request from US coast guard concerning a sailboat that has been anchoring overnight in dangerous areas just outside Ventura & CI harbors. Officers were aware of the vessel but as of recently hadn’t noticed it in the area.

8:19pm, receiving complaints about Ventura Sport Fishing vessels with blinding forward deck lights left on berthed vessels. Officers contacted Sport Fishing and advised of the complaints from tenants in nearby marinas.

Sunday 4-16

6:20am, observed weather service issued Small Craft Advisory, raised pennants for winds gusting to 25kts in the western portion of the East SB channel.

9:20am, officers attending Dept of Boating & Waterways Marine Firefighting class in Marina Del Ray this week gathering all protective turnouts and SCBA’s.

1:15pm, received report of a small sailboat in distress near the launch ramp 5 mph buoy. Officers responded in Fireboat, found the vessel with 3 POB’s on board and attempting to retrieve a piece of the rudder. The vessel was safely towed to the launch ramp and the rudder post was successfully retrieved.

9:19pm, dispatched to Ocean Rescue, swimmer in distress near the Pier. Officers responded in Fireboat, en route the transient got out of the water and ran away.

Monday 4-17

12:05pm, contacted individual living in vehicle at L/R for no permit. An older gentleman exited vehicle naked, distressed over medical conditions, after many attempts to provide care, he refused any assistance. Advised to get a L/R permit.

Wednes 4/19

5:08am, observed Weather Service issued Small Craft Advisory, raised pennant.

2:22pm, dispatched to National Park Service for a medical. Officers responded with VFD/AMR to a 76 y/o female with chest pain. Patient transported by AMR

8:42pm, dispatched to an overdose near Pierpont Bay YC. Officers responded with AMR/VFD and assisted a 64 y/o female, transport by AMR to hospital.

Thursday 4/20

9:33am, dispatched to cat trapped in storm drain at Harbor Cove lot. Officers responded with VFD, the cat freed itself from the storm drain.

Friday 4/21

10:29am, dispatched to unknown medical in Portside apartments. Officers responded with VFD/AMR to the call. Responders conducting a welfare check.

Saturday 4/22

7:20am, received report of injured seabird. Officers responded, found the bird and placed in container for volunteer bird rescue.

4:50pm, dispatched to a dog locked in a vehicle in Port District lot. Officers responded on foot and found the vehicle. While assessing the situation, three “good Samaritans” arrived and attempted to intervene. The dog was determined to be ok & while trying to calm down the mob, the owner arrived, took the dog. The mob & officers were surprised the owner thanked them for their concern.

Sunday 4/23

12:11pm, dispatched to Ocean Rescue, drowning at Surfers Point. Officers responded in the Fireboat, deployed swimmer to assist with rescue. Patient pulled from ocean, was stabilized and transported by AMR to hospital.


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