Ventura Tree Alliance Tree Planting at Barranca Vista Park

Volunteers from the Ventura Tree Alliance and City staff.

Barbara Brown, co-founder VTA and volunteer Karen Farr.

On Friday, April 21, the Ventura Tree Alliance (VTA), City of Ventura’s Urban Forestry Team, and West Coast Arborists planted 15 trees at Barranca Vista Park. This event celebrated Earth Day by adding tree canopy to our urban landscape. The trees ranged from oaks, which will grow large enough to shade the children’s play area to crepe myrtle, which will color the entrance of the park. The day was sunny and so warm many of the nearly 30 volunteers were already using the shade from the newly planted trees to cool off. This will be a wonderful addition to Barranca Vista Park.

Volunteers and City staff planting crepe myrtles.
Christy Weir, president of VTA.

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