Vol. 16, No. 15 – Apr 19 – May 2, 2023 – As I See It

If you are not familiar with Chat GPT, it is one of a few AI (artificial intelligence) programs that can write articles. They are not written by humans but “robots” – so to speak. I asked it to write 200 words about the Ventura Breeze newspaper.

It wrote 209 words, but close enough. And with a few minor errors. Still amazing, but also scary. Students are using AI to write their reports. For instance, a person can say “write me 500 words about who wrote the constitution, “and the answer displayed in an instant.
Ai has passed bar and CPA exams.

This is what Chat GPT wrote:
“The Ventura Breeze newspaper is a weekly (we are bi-weekly) publication that has been serving the Ventura community in California since 2007. It was founded by Sheldon Brown, who remains the publisher and editor-in-chief to this day. The newspaper is free and distributed throughout the city, and its mission is to provide residents with an independent and reliable source of local news and information.

The Ventura Breeze covers a wide range of topics, including local news, politics, sports, arts and entertainment, and community events. The newspaper also features a variety of columns and opinion pieces written by local writers and experts on various topics. In addition to its print edition, the Ventura Breeze also has a website where readers can access its content online.

One of the distinctive features of the Ventura Breeze is its commitment to community engagement. The newspaper actively solicits feedback and contributions from its readers, and it regularly features stories and profiles about local residents and organizations. The Ventura Breeze also sponsors and promotes a variety of community events and initiatives, including fundraisers, festivals, and volunteer opportunities (not entirely true).
Overall, the Ventura Breeze is a valuable resource for the Ventura community, providing timely and informative news and information, fostering community engagement, and promoting a sense of civic pride and involvement.”

Ventura’s Fiscal Year Financial Report can be viewed at https://www.cityofventura.ca.gov/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/_04242023-2921 if you want to type all this in your browser.

Outside of a few recent issues, Ventura remains a fairly safe place to live. In a few of our recent issues, there were no significant police reports. More in this issue

The recent sinkhole on Victoria was caused by the collapse of a 60-year-old storm drain. Ventura has much infrastructure older than 60-years, so this is not surprising especially with the large rains that we have had. It wasn’t very big so did not cause much damage.

A reader took exception to my criticism of FOX News for false and misleading news reports. Some of their reporters who praised Trump publicly made up good news so that their viewers would be happy and continue watching. But privately they very much disliked him and thought him to be harmful.

All Americans, be they Republicans or Democrats, should find this to be very disturbing. This is what we criticize communist countries for doing not a democracy

On January, 25-year-old teacher Abigail Zwerner was badly wounded by a first-grade student in her classroom at Richneck elementary school.

A Virginia grand jury has indicted the mother of the six-year-old who shot an elementary school teacher charging her with crimes related to felony child neglect and firearms possession.

The parents of a teenager who killed four students at a Michigan high school can face trial for involuntary manslaughter, the state appeals court said in a groundbreaking case of criminal responsibility for the acts of a child.

The murders would not have happened if the parents hadn’t purchased a gun for Ethan Crumbley, or if they had taken him home from school on the day of the shooting, when staff became alarmed about his extreme drawings, the appeals court said.

I certainly agree with these actions. Adults who have guns in their homes (or buy their kids guns) with small children must be held accountable when their child has easy access to the guns and uses them. In several instances, children have accidently killed a sibling.

Why is it when women wear torn jeans it’s fashionable, but when men wear them they’re homeless?

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