NAMBA presents Italian folk music with a modern and Gregorian twist.

NAMBA Performing Arts Space is pleased to present Ensemble Sangineto on May 4th at 7pm. Ensemble Sangineto is 100% Italian folk music with a modern and Gregorian twist. They are touring the college circuit but are making a special stop at NAMBA Performing Arts Space in downtown Ventura.

“This is a once in Ventura County opportunity and is something you could only expect to experience in Italy”, says Tamara Varney, Board Chair for NAMBA Performing Arts Space. “Our small Theatre will likely be their most intimate performance in the US.”

Ensemble Sangineto is an eclectic band which skillfully blends ancient harmonies and sonorities with modern rhythms. The wide-ranging musical experiences of the individual members converge to create fresh arrangements of traditional Irish, Scottish, Breton & Italian tunes and original compositions influenced by genres ranging from classical to folk, from Gregorian chant to musical, from pop to Celtic music.

The delicate combination of the pure and magic tones of the harp and of the bowed psaltery with the guitar intermingle with the three voice-polyphonic texture evoking dreamlike and airy atmospheres — an experience simultaneously joyful and light.

Join us at NAMBA Performing Arts Space on May 4, 2023, 47 S. Oak Street, Downtown Historic Ventura. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at

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