WEV is a training provider for the EDC’s Ventura County Digital Upskilling Training Program

What is digital upskilling?

The Economic Development Collaborative (EDC), in partnership with multiple regional partners, officially launched the Ventura County Digital Upskilling Training Program—a free short-term training program that will increase the digital skills of job seekers, current workers and small business operators. The initiative seeks to expand the opportunities and earning power of Ventura County participants by providing them with much-needed digital skills training to help both individuals and employers in the County grow.

The training program was made possible by State Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin, who developed the project idea and secured $5 million in state general funds for a Digital Upskilling pilot in Ventura County.

Digital upskilling is the process of teaching people how to think, act and thrive in a digital world. It involves providing employees with the opportunity to gain the tools and skills they need to adapt to a world with ever-changing technologies. Apart from teaching technical skills, such as how to use a specific device or navigate a particular software, digital upskilling also ensures that employees have the fundamental knowledge required to understand new technologies.

Basic computer skills are increasingly needed in all industries, and people without digital skills are in danger of being left further behind as digitalization continues to expand. Without digital skills, people cannot search for and apply for jobs, expand their career opportunities, earn more money or enjoy the flexibility of working remotely.

Classes for new to tech learners, current workers and small business owners are now open for registration! Learn more and sign up at www.digital-upskilling.edcollaborative.com

The training program includes three different cohorts of learners who each have different base levels of computer skills and training needs.

Small business owners who need comprehensive knowledge and tools to establish an online business presence including e-commerce, SEO and digital marketing to grow and stay competitive can enroll in Women’s Economic Ventures (WEV)’s Get Your Small Business Online course.

Ventura County Community Foundation (VCCF), Ventura County Office of Education (VCOE), Workforce Development Board of Ventura County (WDBVC) and Women’s Economic Ventures (WEV).

For more information, visit www.digital-upskilling.edcollaborative.com

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