Vol. 16, No. 14 – Apr 5 – Apr 18, 2023 – As I See It

For the second time, the Ventura County Fairgrounds Board of Directors has turned down a proposed development including a baseball stadium at the fairgrounds. The developers said the project would also expand and renovate the state-owned facility. Directors rejected the proposal unanimously in October.

At the hearing, held on Feb. 22, most of more than 500 people attending expressed opposition to the project.

Either way the fairgrounds is in desperate need of a major refurbishing so hopefully money might be available in the future to do this.

This year 25”
Normal 13”
Last year 8.5”

The Ventura City Council has ended its investigation into employee spending and reimbursement practices.

In September, the council ordered a review of city expenses after it was revealed city manager Alex McIntyre had left an excessive tip (nice guy) and purchased wine with a state-issued credit card on a 2021 trip when he paid for a meal for eight in Sacramento. He spent $323 for the meal, $115 for a bottle of wine (I drink $2.50 wine) and left a $234.60 tip.

McIntyre apologized and explained he overtipped because he didn’t realize the tip was already included. He later told the council he reimbursed the city for the wine and tip. McIntyre ultimately resigned on Dec. 12.

Even though the infractions haven’t amounted to much, it’s important that the council thoroughly understand what they can spend on city credit cards. The city needs to provide better training to employees on allowable expenses.

In the meantime, the San Bruno City Council hired Alex McIntyre as its interim city manager. The San Bruno (population 42,000) council unanimously approved McIntyre’s contract.

McIntyre joins Peter Gilli, Ventura’s former community development director, who is employed by San Bruno.

Forty-one-year-old Sandra June Dillard, the Ventura woman who had pleaded guilty to the first degree murder of a homeless woman in a homeless camp in Ventura, has been sentenced to thirty two-years-to-life in prison.

She also had a prior serious conviction and had also pleaded guilty to grand theft of a Firearm and Felony Battery on a Peace Officer in separate cases. She was already in the Ventura County Jail in connection with several other open cases. Why are people with these backgrounds not in prison to begin with? What happened to 3-strikes and you’re out?
Finland was chosen the world’s happiest nation for the sixth consecutive year in the annual World Happiness Report. The list is largely based on Gallup World Poll evaluations on matters such as GDP per capita, social support, healthy life expectancy, freedom, generosity and corruption. Finland’s strong feelings of communal support and mutual trust were factors in helping the country again grab the top spot.

The USA came in at number 15. And, with the way this country is being divided (“feelings of communal support”) more and more every day, it wouldn’t surprise me if we continue to fall on the list.

Is nothing sacred? Two men accused of stuffing fish with lead weights and fish fillets in an attempt to win thousands of dollars in a fishing tournament pleaded guilty to charges including cheating. Next, people will lie about the size of the one that got away.
As you know, 3 three adults and three children (9-year-olds) were shot and killed at a private Christian school in Nashville. The 28-year-old female shooter was killed by police.

I know some people think the solution to gun violence is for everyone to carry a gun. Even if true (I certainly don’t think so), why was it necessary for this lady to own 7 guns, several which hold 30 rounds.

President Joe Biden has signed an executive order aiming at increasing background checks to buy guns, promoting more secure firearms storage and ensuring U.S. law enforcement agencies get more out of a bipartisan gun control law enacted last summer.

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