El Camino High School ECTV crew wins WAVE awards

To learn more about CAPS, visit capsmedia.org.

The highly talented high school students at El Camino in the ECTV media program at CAPS, continue to receive accolades and win awards. The ECTV program was created by CAPS in partnership with the Ventura Unified School District. Students collaborate writing, producing, recording and editing their own programs.

Recently the ECTV crew won 4 WAVE awards at the annual competition directed by the Alliance for Community Media Western Region (ACM West). (Standing) Phil Taggart, teacher/mentor, Arshan Barati, Sophia Johnson, Sarah Briggs, Luca Falvo, Mika Long, Seth Steiminger, Christopher Giordano, DeeDee Black, Aracely Soriano Perez, Hector Guerrero, Principal El Camino High School, and Saadiyah Islam. (Kneeling): Allison Laak, Kampton Carter, Alyx Golson and Shayan Barati.

Every year, adult and student media crews from throughout the western United States compete for WAVE awards, which stands for Western Access Video Excellence. This years’ trophies increase the ECTV collection to more than 30 regional and national awards won over the past few years. All of the ECTV programs can be viewed on the CAPS Media website at capsmedia.org/ectv.

The Alliance for Community Media (ACM), founded in 1976, represents more than 3,000 Public, Education and Government access organizations and community media centers throughout the United States. ACM’s fundamental mission is to help democracy flourish in local communities by encouraging the public to be active participants in their local government and to foster free expressing and exchange of ideas.

CAPS is a proud member of ACM and is the only public access media center in Ventura. CAPS’ mission is to create an engaged and informed community through participation in electronic media.

CAPS manages two television channels and one radio station in Ventura providing public programming on television, radio and online streaming 24/7 on all distribution outlets.

On Channel 6 and streaming online, CAPS presents programming created by and for the public including community information programs, faith-based services and more. On Channel 15 and streaming online, CAPS manages and presents government meetings at City Hall including city council, design review, general plan advisory committee, planning commission and more. In addition Channel 15 includes education and information programs produced by ECTV crews as well as fitness, science programs and more.

CAPS is the home of Radio KPPQ – Ventura’s only public access radio station. KPPQ features a dedicated and talented crew of local DJs producing unique and information programming. DJs include Pam Baumgardner, Kathleen Good, Mark, Nadine Piche, Kevin Wallace, and Dr. Q & Dr. C.

All of the KPPQ locally produced programs, as well as national and international shows, can be enjoyed 24/7 at 104.1 FM and streamed worldwide on myTuner Radio and on capsmedia.org. Many of the shows are available to listen on demand on the KPPQ podcast network found on the radio page of the CAPS website.

To learn more about CAPS, visit capsmedia.org. A video on the home page, CAPS Media City Council Presentation 2023, presents an overview of the organization. Additional information is on the CAPS website including links to programing and information regarding reopening of the CAPS Media center to the public.

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